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Kevin Kamberg

Here I am waiting for the fun to begin. One interesting I've learned so far is that KGW relies upon the AP rather than the Secretary of State's office to get their updates. Aaron Weiss, senior producer, said that the AP is faster. Maybe, maybe not. I guess we'll see.

Update: talk here in the newsroom is that NBC is going to project Obama the winner in Oregon right at 8:00

Update: Can you believe it? I can't get to load from the KGW newsroom! So I'll be a bit tardy on

Merkley/Novick: 43/48

Erickson/Mannix: 57/39

Update: I finally got to load... on another computer. Turns out the access for this one is on the wrong side of something technical sounding and the website can't be accessed from here.

So it turns out that Jack Bogdanski and Len Bergstein are blogging on the KGW website. Meanwhile LeAnn Locker of Lelo and I are apparently the D-list bloggers and we are doing our own thing in the background.

Update: It appears that Sam Adams has won and Sho has conceeded. And of course Barack Obama appears to be cruising to an easy win. Right now Obama is up 60/40. With 24% of princincts reporting, Ron Paul is at a respectable 14% considering McCain has the nomination in the bag.

Update: Now this is an interesting coincidence? It has to be... Also with 24% of returns in, Leitch is trailing Smith by the EXACT same margin as Paul trails McCain.

Update: So it appears that Kroger and Brown have been projected the winners in their respective races for AG and SofS. In the Senate race, with 29% of returns in Merkley is ahead very slightly at 46/43.

Update: Well I'm going to wrap this up. I'm on a laptop (which I'm not used to) and the connection seems slow. In short... I'm frustrated and besides, Andrew is kicking out the numbers faster than I am anyway.

Heh - I got my scoop about NBC calling O for Obama in at least... 15 minutes before everyone else knew. Time to wrap this up and find a watering hole with a bunch of political junkies.

  • Steve Bucknum (unverified)

    In Kentucky, I'm noting that the total Republican vote was 197,000 and Obama got 209,000. So, either Democrat will win in the fall, right? Nobody in the national media is talking about this.

  • trishka (unverified)

    dailykos just posted that oregon has been called for oregon

  • trishka (unverified)

    called for obama. duh.

    61-39 at 11%

    they're saying on OPB that novick started out at 10 points up but that has "tightened" as the count went from 1% to 10%.

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