Jon Bartholomew

Jon works for OSPIRG as a Policy Advocate on government transparency, consumer protection and democracy issues. He now lives in Portland, Oregon. Previously he was the Associate Director of Media and Democracy for Common Cause based in Portland, Maine. In that role he directed national and state chapter activity for Common Cause on media reform issues. He served on the boards of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections and the Maine Freedom of Information Coalition. Prior to this, he was the Communications Director for the Maine Citizen Leadership Fund and the Dirigo Alliance in Maine. He also worked for three years for Citizen Action of New York leading their Clean Money/Clean Elections campaign and staffing the Coalition for After-School Funding. While living in Washington State, he was a field organizer for Planned Parenthood of Western Washington for three years, and earned his Masters of Public Administration from the University of Washington. He has been involved in many political campaigns through the years, both for candidates and on ballot measures.

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