Having problems with Facebook Connect?

As explained here we're using Facebook Connect to verify the identities of commenters on BlueOregon. We've received a few reports from readers who aren't able to see the identities of commenters and aren't able to see the Facebook Connect button that allows them to log in and comment. We've identified a couple of common causes of these problems, so hopefully one of these solutions will help you:

Are you using a browser extension to block Flash?

Several web browser extensions designed to block Flash elements on web pages will also block not only the Facebook Connect button but also the data gathered from Facebook, including commenters' names. Many times, the Flash blocker extension won't even show you that it's blocking anything where the Facebook Connect button is supposed to be.

1) Take a look at the "Join the Conversation" box over there on the right, underneath the search bar.

2) If you don't see this button

in that box, then your browser extension may be hiding the button from you.

3) Try disabling your Flash blocker extension on BlueOregon and then reload BlueOregon.com.

Are you using an older version of Internet Explorer?

Some older versions of Internet Explorer don't display the Facebook Connect information correctly. Our recommendation is to upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer or, better, start using Firefox or Chrome.

Are you using Google Chrome?

From time to time, folks using the Chrome browser suddenly stop seeing names and faces on BlueOregon. Fortunately, the fix is easy: Open a new tab. If you're logged into Facebook, log out. Then, log back in. Open a new tab. Go to BlueOregon.com. Click refresh.

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