Five of Six Key Metro House Races Topped $1 Million Mark

Willamette Week:

The Oregon House Democrats swept five of six closely-contested metro-area seats, ending a 30-30 deadlock with Republicans and thrusting Dems into a 34-26 majority (one of the five seats, District 40, which covers Gladstone and parts of Milwaukie and Oregon City, was Democratic already but vacated by Rep. Dave Hunt).

Part of the reason Democrats triumphed is they outspent Republicans in five of the six seats—and the one seat where Republicans spent more, House District 49 (Troutdale, Wood Village and Fairview) the GOP candidate, incumbent Rep. Matt Wand, lost.

Filings with the state show that five of the six races saw combined spending of more than $1 million, and candidates will continue reporting last minute expenditures through next Tuesday.

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