Grab The Popcorn, It's An #Orleg Documentary!

Capitol Currents:

House Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna clearly enjoyed his opportunity to speak at last evening's capitol tree lighting ceremony. But the event was one of the last times Hanna will get to publicly play the role of Co-Speaker. His caucus lost four seats in the November election, breaking the tie between the Democrats and Republicans in the Oregon House. Hanna stepped away from his role as GOP leader of the House Republicans, but it wouldn't have been the same anyhow without that gavel. Still, Hanna (and fellow Co-Speaker Arnie Roblan, who is moving over to the Oregon Senate in January) will be immortalized in a new documentary under production by filmmaker Neil Simon. (No, not that Neil Simon.) Here's a preview: Simon is still trying to raise money to complete the production. In the interest of full disclosure, I was one of many people around the capitol who was interviewed for the video, though I don't know if I'll show up in the finished project.

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