OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley's (D) First Ad Highlights How Much Of A Fighter He Is For The Middle Class


Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley's (D. OR) campaign:

You already know a lot about Jeff Merkley. You know he’s the Senator who’s fighting to reform the filibuster and make the Senate work better. You know he’s the guy who took on Big Ag and stopped the Monsanto Protection Act in its tracks.   And you know he’s working side by side with Elizabeth Warren to take on Wall Street, fix the housing crisis, and get the middle class back on its feet. After all, he’s our progressive champion on the issues that really matter. He’s not afraid to take on powerful special interests, their SuperPACs and the billionaires that fund them.  And he’s never been afraid to take on the Republican leadership in Washington DC, even going on the Senate floor to challenge Sen. Mitch McConnell for parroting right-wing talking points. Today, you can be among the first to watch the short bio ad about Jeff Merkley’s life story – the experiences that gave him the middle-class values he fights for in Washington. https://secure.actblue.com/... Learn about where Jeff Merkley grew up and how he became the first kid in his family to go to college.  Meet his wife, Mary, and how her work as a nurse means that he really understands what health care really means to our families. Jeff Merkley is Oregon born, Oregon raised, and a uniquely middle-class Senator. Watch the video and learn something you might not have already known about Jeff Merkley. https://secure.actblue.com/... Alex Alex Youn Campaign Manager Jeff Merkley for Senate

Click here to watch the video again and please do contribute to Merkley's campaign:


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