How Jefferson Smith can Catch Up

Willamette Week:

[Jefferson Smith]’s also untested in a big race. He’s famously scattered and frenetic, and some supporters say Smith’s two House terms haven’t prepared him for running City Hall.

Yet Smith’s entry into the mayor’s race has already changed the election in a big way.

Hales and Brady got into the race to offer alternatives to Mayor Sam Adams. But with Adams out, Hales and Brady have lost their foil. Hales presents himself as the safe and responsible choice—old-school, bricks-and-rail tracks. Brady’s narrative: An eco-conscious working-mom success story. Neither has generated much enthusiasm.

Smith fills a void. He’s the “Keep Portland Weird” candidate unafraid to swear in public or indulge in self-deprecating humor. And he’s a hungry underdog.

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