GOP blueprint: The failure of conservative welfare reform


Debunking a supposed "success" can help us see the future more clearly, writes Paul Rosenberg.

San Pedro, CA - What do you call a "balanced budget plan" that won't balance the budget until 2040? A joke? Or the Ryan Plan?

What do you call a "deficit-reduction plan" with $4.6 trillion in tax cuts over the next 10 years? A joke? Or the Ryan Plan?

What do you call a "deficit-reduction plan" that boosts millionaires' incomes by a whopping 12.5 per cent, while those making under $100,000 would see a top increase of 2.3 per cent and those making less than $10,000 would see an increase of just 0.2 per cent? No joke: It's the Ryan Plan.

And to top it all off, 62 per cent of the cuts in the plan target programmes for low-income Americans.

There's no way around it. These are the facts. And they'll stay the facts, no matter how "mean" or "bullying" Republicans may say that Obama was being in his recent speech to American newspapers editors, when he criticised the Ryan Budget Plan that Mitt Romney has now fully embraced.

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