Cheney Country?

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Dick CheneyToday, Vice President Dick Cheney is in Portland - and will be in Jackson County on Friday. Last week, his wife was in town at the state Republican Convention. Discuss.

  • brett (unverified)

    I guess the important question is who will he tell to go fuck themselves? It won't be Lon Mabon, unfortunately.

  • Leslie Carlson (unverified)

    I have a running bet with several friends about whether Cheney will get dropped from the ticket. Most of them think no, but I think there is an outside chance, given that Cheney's approval rating is so low. Giuliani, anyone?

  • j (unverified)

    Cute picture.

    Hope you have some for Kerry as well.

    Nothing like a cussing politician to lower the pride you feel in your representatives.

    Then again not all instances of cussing are the same. Should you feel more shame when someone loses their cool and tells someone off, or when someone clearly tries to pander to an audience?

    I suppose the degree does not matter much to me, in both cases I was left feeling disappointed.

  • brett (unverified)

    Rice would be better than Giuliani. I would love to see the Democrats tie themselves in knots trying to come up with arguments against the first female VP and the first black VP all in one.

  • Kurt (unverified)

    The arguments against Rice are simple: She's an evil lizard woman. That would pretty much trump being the first African American and First Woman VP all rolled into one. Besides, why replace one candidate who always look grumpy (Cheney) with another one? They both need to take a big dose of smiley pills.

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