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Later this month, a rowdy and progressive bunch of writers, activists, and hacks will launch a new experiment in blogging: BlueOregon.

BlueOregon will be the water cooler around which Oregon progressives will gather. A place for news and original commentary. It'll be progressive; it'll be compelling; it'll be provocative; it'll be smart; it'll be funny; it'll be unpredictable. Above all else, BlueOregon won't be boring.

Stay tuned.

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    Hey guys, looks great so far. Let me know what you need of me! JC

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    Out of curiosity, are we will suddenly discovering this thru referer logs like I did, or was there an announcement I missed somewhere?

    Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for stuff here.

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    Good Lord, Bix, your nose for the news is uncanny. Who refered BO? Do'h! BO? That's a bad acronym.

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    Yeah, b!x is good. We just added the Portland Communique to the newsfeed - and I was testing it. Thanks for the notice, b!x. ;)

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    Hey folks! Great job Kari!

  • cullen (unverified)

    Love it. The bluer the better.

  • Holly Knight (unverified)

    My name is Holly Knight and I live in Eugene, Oregon. I was surfing for info about Darlene Hooley and this was one of the pages I got. Hooley is on my list because the MMOB has adopted her race and we intend to send her back to Washington in November. The MMOB (Mainstreet Moms Oppose Bush at is a 527 PAC and it is totally decentralized, wired, and grassroots. We have two campaigns running: "Adopt a Swing State" and "Adopt a Candidate." We intend to get out the vote of currently unregistered single mothers by sending them a personalized letter along with voter registration materials. Already, we have sent 45,000 letters nationally to unregistered single mothers (a predominantly progressive demographic) in swing states like Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Oregon. Since June 3, I have distributed over 6,500 addresses to friends and family, mostly in the Eugene area. If you want to get involved, reply to [email protected] and/or log on to, set up your own shop right away, and get busy!

  • Greg Hamilton (unverified)

    Ahh....I love it when a plan comes together!

    I just discovered blueoregon and love it. I've been publishing a political blog from Portland since 2001 - and am encouraged by the collective that has formed in PDX.

    Introductions? I'm a native Portlander - and grad of the UO J-school....a experience that left me sour on the market realities of modern journalism. Spent a small eternity surfing the dot-com bubble - and now work in the healthcare industry as a technician.

    Any chance I can offer up my views on blueoregon?

    Check my blog -



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