Mental Health Trivial Pursuits?

Chuck Sheketoff

Paul Krugman had a good column today criticizing the media for being trivial - more press on Teresa Heinz's "shove it" comment (without reference to the right winger the media person represented) than on John Kerry's health care plan. And the Bush team is still spinning that Kerry is vague.

Is the President's mental health trivial? Capitol Hill Blue reported today that the President is "sullen, depressed...[and] paranoid.". This was on the heels of an article that I don't think appeared anywhere else that the President is on anti-depressants. to control erratic behaviour. Is that true? How does that square with his budget proposals for funding for mental health services, research, etc.?

If the President's mental health is not trivial, then why is this only being reported in limited ways and not in mainstream media? Maybe its not true. If not, let's see a story disproving it (to the extent you can prove a negative).

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