Hoisted by one's own petard!

Chuck Sheketoff

Here in Oregon we have a double-majority requirement for certain elections to raise taxes - a majority of registered voters must vote, and a majority of them must approve the tax increase. It has caused problems here.

Well, here's an example of where the Right - Dick Armey's Citizens for a Sound Economy (now calling themselves FreedomWorks after merging with Jack Kemp's Empower America) - got caught by a double-majority rule.


Yup, a double majority rule may allow more government spending.

  • Kurt Granzow (unverified)

    They make it so hard to raise taxes, yet so easy to change the constitution. Weird.

  • (Show?)

    I've always had a theory that the double majority is unconstitutional. When I vote no on something, I shouldn't be contributing to its passing. But that's just what happens in many cases in which a measure gets the double majority. By showing up to vote no, opponents help it pass. Even if it's not illegal, that's a royal mind-screw.

  • Bob R. (unverified)

    Indeed jack, and the flip side of that coin has bugged me: Those who do not care to participate are, in effect, given the power of a "No" vote. Even if (highly unlikely) 99% of the people who turn out vote for something, unless 50% of those able actually vote, the item goes down in flames.

    • Bob

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