Man to Man Marriage

Chuck Sheketoff

040901wayne_scott"Oops! Maybe I should have proofed that first" is the headline on a KATU 2 story about Oregon House Majority Leader Wayne Scott's voter's pamphlet statement on Measure 36, the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Oregon. With typos and mis-statements about Oregon law, the Canby Republican says that "Marriage is a sacred covenant between one man and one man."

Watch the story here.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    No, Scott's not the cognizant representative anyone selects as an improvement on themselves in the job.

    He went wild on the sexsation judgesex sexshock sexzap (where he typo'd) because he was overreaching to distract from his own false positive and true negative.

    The most important vote for his constituency is to bond a new middle school campus, in an education district so cheated and neglected even TWO new schools could not get back to parity in providing for children. And Scott does not champion the bond measure, is not its leader. As the pressure of civic self-respect forces him, perhaps quietly he can endorse the school bond, the fewest words to claim he said it, not loud enough that anyone hears him. An insincere and false positive sop to education.

    The most important assessment of Scott's character is to study the effort he spent on legislating a land-use waiver to maintain operation (without unprofitable relocation costs) of an aerial fireworks manufacturer in which Scott has a lucrative personal investment, which was illegally sited on farmland in his district before Scott rigged the law. His true record is negative in corruption and the graft of self-interest.

    Don't ask what he'd do. Don't ask what he's done. Look over there and see if you see naked people -- is that a creamsoft breast? is that a virile staff? -- in passion shared and love's labors, sweated and panting and licentious and not prostrate to the Roman Catholic Cross of Domination: sic 'em, sick minds.

    His opponent, Doug Neeley, Oregon City Councilman, unpresupposing, works and votes repelling Wal-Mart plans to invade and subvert local commerce.

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    Tensk, you're one odd duck, pal.

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