A Message to Democrats....From RNC Chair Ed Gillespie

Chuck Sheketoff

The following was sent by Ed Gillespie to GOP faithful. It is a good message for Democrats to hear, too:

Everything you do will make a difference. In 2000, less than 17,194 votes decided five states, and 55 Electoral College votes. That's 55 Electoral College votes decided by 2 votes per precinct!

You can make the difference!

Bring your family to the phone bank and turn out our fellow supporters. Recruit your neighbors to burn some shoe leather knocking on doors. Forward this email to your friends and let them know that every phone we call, every email we forward, every door we knock on, every neighborhood we walk, every yard sign we post, and every bumper sticker we stick-matters!

Everything we do will make the difference and we must get out the vote!

That's why when I returned home from Halloween celebrations with my family and friends, I hit the phone to call voters in Hawaii for Carry Oregon.

Every vote counts. Every little bit helps. While I was pleased to learn that the Tin Man has been up by ten this go around, we cannot rest.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    This came email recently, speaking of eleventh-hour message-to-voters-highly-relevant-to-Democrats-but-not-addressed-to-them:

    From: From The Wilderness Email Alert List Subject: Michael C. Ruppert to Speak on Air America National Radio! Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 19:51

    Mike Ruppert on Air America! - Mike Malloy Show

    WHEN: Monday, November 1st, 2004 WHERE: All Air America Affiliate Stations TIME: 8:00 p.m. (PST) / 11:00 p.m. (EST)

    Click here for listening information: LINK .


    FromTheWilderness.com is one of the highest integrity, most informed sources of information anywhere. A must-see reference. Mike Ruppert was several years LAPD and then CIA agent, his bio's on the website. He got fired because he whistleblowered the CIA's crack cocaine invention and smuggling. His new book 'Crossing The Rubicon:' is being suppressed and sabotaged, by some powerful force, also explained on the website.

    Ed Gillespie can publish his propaganda unchecked. Simply the mention on one out-of-the-way website here, about CIA crimes twenty years ago, well documented and detailed -- for example the secret-agent pilot Hassenfus's crash landing in Guatemala(?) with a planeload of cocaine, that broke open the case of Ollie North's illegal U.S. mercenary war against the Contras; for example -- and simply to remember it in writing here marks this website to be stalked and participants to be watched. Except Ed Gillespie, of course.

    Imagine, perhaps, the pressure on Ruppert now that he has written a book proving Cheney conducted the 9/11 attacks. The power of the anti-christ is against Ruppert now, instead of just countering the arguments in his book showing where they are false or wrong. P.S. You had heard Cheney was in an undisclosed concrete bunker location, hadn't you? Was he or wasn't he? Get a copy of Crossing The Rubicon, (you may find there is resistance to that, starting with Amazon or Barnes and Noble), and find out the facts for yourself, (you may find there is also resistance to that, starting with eavesdropping on your email).

    Tonight. Eight o'clock. Mike Malloy Show. Air America. 620 AM in Portland market.

    Ed Gillespie get a job.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    On 620 AM radio in the Portland market the Mike Malloy Show is tape-delayed three hours to 11: pm, as everyone knows.


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