MoveOn Moves Oregon

Chuck Sheketoff

Three cheers to MOVEON.ORG for putting their efforts into Oregon. And note that they are correctly pushing a YES vote on Measure 34.

Here's their message:

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004
From: "Peter Schurman,"
Subject: Vote progressive on OR ballot measures.

You should receive your ballot soon for the most important election of our lifetimes. If your ballot doesn't arrive by next Thursday, October 21st, contact your county election officials.

Also, see below for some information on key ballot measures that need your vote.

Dear MoveOn member in Oregon,

It's almost time to vote in the most important election of our lifetimes.

Ballots are being mailed to every registered voter in Oregon beginning today. If you don't receive your ballot by Thursday, October 21st, contact your county's election officials. You can find them at:

If for any reason they are unable to help you, you can also call the statewide elections division, at:


As you prepare to vote, we'd like to highlight a few key questions that will be on the ballot.

Your "NO" vote will be critical to stopping these terrible proposals:

NO on Measure 36: Protect Marriage Equality

Oregon's ballot measure with the greatest national significance is Measure 36, which would rewrite the state constitution to deny same-sex couples equal marriage rights. This is the civil rights issue of our generation, and the entire country will be watching how Oregon responds. We urge you to support marriage equality for all, and vote NO on 36.

For more information on measure 36, see:

NO on Measure 37: Don't Gut Our Environmental Laws

This measure, backed by timber companies and developers, would basically gut Oregon's land use laws, which are crucial to protecting our environment. It would require taxpayers to pay landowners to obey virtually any environmental law that has any effect on landowners. It's opposed by prominent Democrats and Republicans, farm bureaus and conservationists, and virtually every newspaper in the state.

For more on measure 37, see:

NO on Measure 35: Hold On to Your Right to a Day in Court

Insurance companies are trying to shut Oregonians out of the courtroom when careless doctors hurt them. Measure 35 would limit medical malpractice awards, but not for honest mistakes -- specifically for "negligent or reckless injury" to patients. And while it's true that malpractice insurance premiums are too high for many doctors, Measure 35 wouldn't fix that because it does nothing to control premiums -- even in states with award caps, insurance companies continue to charge high premiums. So it's hard to see why reckless doctors should get a free pass, or why Oregonians should give up their constitutional right to a fair trial. Measure 35 is being pushed by insurance companies and doctors. It's opposed by Gov. Ted Kulongoski and former Gov. Barbara Roberts, by consumer groups, seniors' groups including the AARP, teachers, labor unions including nurses and firefighters, and by Erin Brockovich.

For more information on measure 35, see:

Finally, here's one very important measure that needs your "YES" vote to pass:

YES on Measure 34: Protect the Tillamook and Clatsop Forests

Oregonians replanted the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests by hand after devastating logging and fires. Now these public rainforests are threatened again by intensive logging for private profit. Measure 34 provides for sustainable logging in half of these areas, and strong conservation in the other half; it's supported by coastal businesses, school groups, commercial and sport fishermen, recreation user groups, and conservationists, but the timber companies are spending millions to kill it.

For more information on measure 34, see:

We've attached links to editorials supporting these positions below.

The 2000 Presidential election was decided by just 537 votes in Florida and just 366 in New Mexico. It's crucial that we all make sure to vote this year.

Thanks for your commitment to ensuring a bright future for Oregon and America.


- Carrie, Joan, Lee, Marika, Noah, Peter, and Wes
The Team
October 15th, 2004

P.S.: Here are a few key editorials about these ballot measures.

Don't scar Oregon Constitution: No on Measure 36
The Oregonian, September 30, 2004

Vote No on Measure 37: Land-use compensation measure would put Oregon in a bind: Pay billions or waive rules and usher in chaos
The Oregonian, October 8, 2004

No caps on malpractice awards: No on Measure 35
The Oregonian, September 19, 2004

Our forests need balance and trust: Sustainability of salmon must be the No. 1 priority
The Daily Astorian, September 13, 2004

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    For the other perspective on M34, see the City Club of Portland study which resulted in a "no" endorsement from that organization.

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    Before you swallow the line of the Oregon Department of Forestry or the timber industry, read The Sky Did Not Fall: The Pacific Northwest's Response to Logging Reductions, a report by ECONorthwest that thoroughly discredits John Beuter's economic analysis. I wonder what the recommendation in the City Club's report would have been had they contacted Ed Whitelaw or someone else from ECONorthwest and learned that Beuter's analysis is out of date and nonsense.

    Today I received a letter from Jim "cut 'em down" Brown, the former State Forester and natural resource advisor to Governor Kulongoski. In a letter he produced with tobacco industry lobbyist Mark Nelson, Brown talks about timber and "environmental values." Nowhere does he mention fish in general nor salmon in particular. I don't want to preserve mere "values," - no law can do that. I want to preserve habitat for salmon and other valuable assets.

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