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Recently, Portland City Commissioner and BlueBlogger Randy Leonard asked for your comments on the Join Terrorism Task Force. Today, the Portland Tribune takes note - and reports further. Read the Trib: Leonard, Sten sour on city’s pact with FBI

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    We are in times of transition -- crux, crucial times -- into a future different from the mores, ways and means, of the last two hundred years. The convention in the new future might be 'convention' only for its two hundred year turn, and after it a different convention. Looking backward, two hundred years ago was a transition time from the convention that had obtained before it.

    These two-hundred-year endpoints, at the time of passage from one to the next, is very confusing for the people living in them because mostly we mostly concern ourselves only to deal with others and behave by the understandings in and from our own lifetimes, which is too short to scope two-hundred-year momentum vectors into.

    In plainer terms, the internet is obsolescing newspapers, analogous to the telegraph (1830s -- that's the '200 years ago') obsolescing the running messenger (Paul Revere?). The sense of 'knowing' and the definition of 'knowledge' changes in the new future. Without saying what that sense to come is, it is understandable that a shift, or evolution, in the brain's sense that constitutes 'knowledge', is awfully fundamental. Our (people's) foundations are being shaken.

    Newspaper people, should we say 'journalism industry'?, are scared of the change. What can they be and do in the future? Uncertainty is mood altering. The braver of us need to encourage the worried to buck up, gut it out, hang on, take wing and leap, fly fly fly they/we can do it ... and cut them and ourselves some slack.

    In the future more city councils facing more council issues are going to form shape and pass decisions in the midst of the hew and cry, sturm and drang, of this internet thing. Newspaper editorialists (and their TV news copycats) writing edicts and framing the issues in those, are a thing of the past. Evidence -- and let's see how it pans out: that The 'O' endorses Ameri with the left hand and punches Wu with the right hand ('news') and none of it brings the desired effect (pro-Ameri as propounding Bush) -- shows the change from newspapers to internet.

    Or, to the point, Yeah! What was said here on BlueOregon is what moved in city council deliberations, as opposed to and not what was said in newspapers, (the fine control of which is the forte of the W-is-for-Worship group).


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