Polls close in Oregon

It's 8 p.m. and the polls have closed in Oregon. Lots of state and local races. What's surprising? What's not? Discuss.

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    Did we win Oregon yet?

    Everyone just started cheering. I think that means we're good at the top of the ticket.

    Oh, I hope everyone in line at Multnomah County STAYS THERE AND VOTES. These ballot measures make me sick...

  • Brian Wagner (unverified)

    Measure 37 passed? Oh hell. Measure 36 passed? Sometimes I hate the rest of Oregon.

    I'll probably change my mind on that when i get over my kerry-losing-quickly drunkenness.

  • Pedro (unverified)

    I'm bummed.

    Measure 37 can't possibly be winning 60/40, something wrong with those numbers?

    No on 36 fought the good fight, the best in the nation. We'll live to fight another day.

    4 more years of Bush, Frist and Delay, YIKES!

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    On the bright side:

    We've got a firm majority in the State Senate, and the House is within reach for '06. Which will be just in time to compose our Articles of Secession (just kidding).

    Our statewide officials, and our Democratic incumbent Congressmen and Senator, won on TKO-RSC by the end of the night. Not even touched. So they'll still be there to protect our democracy from the likes of Sproul and his election thieves.

    36 will get pimp-slapped by the 9th Circuit. Mark my words.

    Special shoutout to Rob Brading, who on not very much money, gave the contemptible Karen Minnis a run for her money in East County/Gresham. Get that guy a rainmaker and get him ready for '06. We WILL exorcise the demons...

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