Polls closing East to West

It's 7:00 p.m. on the East Coast, and the first polls have started closing. What are you hearing on the networks, online, and in the air? Do the pundits have it right? Discuss.

  • Dannene (unverified)

    Zogby has called it for Kerry! http://zogby.com/ Kerry - 311 Electoral Votes Bush - 213 Electoral Votes

  • bill deiz (unverified)

    They are calling it Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia for Bush right now...with Kerry winning Vermont...34 electoral votes for Bush...3 for Kerry...3 states for Bush...1 for Kerry...but this is early and not unexpected.

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    They still can't call Virginia--too close to call. Sweet holy moly!

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    Oh, and this just in--Barack Obama appears to be squeaking by in Illinois. At present his lead is a bare 66 points. He may hold on!

    Bowles, in NC, however, really is locked in a battle. Just 2% in, but Johnny E's seat is in jeopardy.

    On the other hand, 65% reporting, and Mongiardo's beating Bunning in KY. That could be huge.

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    Just talked to my dad in Kentucky and he says those numbers don't count Bunning's home county... could turn but let's hold our breath.

    I spent a few days outside of Lexington in late September and have been following that race since. It will be an interesting outcome and I will be thrilled if Mongiardo wins.

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    2951 of 3482 Precincts Reporting

    Bunning, Jim (i) Rep 739,675 49.86 Mongiardo, Daniel Dem 743,907 50.14


  • Brian Wagner (unverified)

    Chuck Schumer is winning NY with the largest margin in a NY Senate race ever, nearly 70%.

    Heard something odd on 1010 WINS in NYC. They say Arlen Specter is winning an easy race in Pennsylvania; but CNN's recent update shows opponent Joe Hoeffel up by 5% with 53% reporting in. Odd.

    Unfortunately, Bunning is going to beat "Hussein" Mongiardo, the Iraqi murderer cum Italian.

  • Biatch (unverified)


    Sucks to lose don't it?

    At least you still can count on taxing Multnomah County into Armageddon.

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