Ron Wyden & the Intelligence Committee

The nation's capital has been abuzz for the last couple of weeks about criticisms leveled by Senators Ron Wyden and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) about a mysterious multi-billion-dollar project included in the intelligence reform bill.

Editorialized the Salem Statesman-Journal:

While you're at it, how do you explain the bill's inclusion of a costly, questionable secret spy program -- one that the Senate Intelligence Committee had unanimously opposed earlier? Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., called the project unnecessary and ineffective; some colleagues used stronger words.
The Senate spy committee normally is a tight-lipped group. When Wyden and others speak out, Americans should pay attention. What the heck is the government doing squandering billions of dollars on a secret space-based program or other dubious technology?

Now the blowback has begun. From the AP, via KATU:

Now, the Senate Ethics Committee might be asked to determine whether Wyden and Rockefeller disclosed any sensitive information and should face sanctions, a congressional aide said.


  • portlander (unverified)

    I thought Wyden & Co said they had their statements officially vetted before they made them. If that's true, there is no blowback.

  • (Show?)

    there's no REASON for blowback, you mean. That won't necessarily stop any. :)

    The story made the front of the Oregonian today. Of most interest it seems, is that the media outed the source of his concern, not he. Wyden spoke only of a huge expenditure; it took the press to find out what that was.

    There's also an absurd quote about revealing the total funding number, and how year to year, it might reveal trends that can be exploited. I'm still trying to figure out what ways that info could be used to develop a specific plan of attack, or to determine weakness. Especially when we're talking billions.

  • Sid (unverified)

    Wyden had his statements vetted. He did no wrong. I give him three cheers for bringing this GOP boondoggle to our attention!

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