Filing Day!

Sure, it's an "off year" for most politicos, but don't tell that to the folks at the Portland School Board - and the many other local boards and commissions that have elections this spring.

Today is filing day - your last chance to jump in the fray. In Multnomah County, file for office here. And follow along with all the action on the candidates list here.

Let's talk about the Portland School Board race and other local campaigns. If you're a candidate, introduce yourself.


  • ron ledbury (unverified)

    My question to any prospective PPS board candidate is simple.

    How was the prospective decision on the Local Option Levy that was rejected on March 14, 2005, by the board factored into the labor negotiations and agreement at the start of the 2004-2005 school year? How critical was that Local Option Levy to the decision about whether the contract should be for a one year period or a two year period?

    If the contract negotiations assumed that the Local Option Levy would be put before the voters, and succeed, is the contract now fully voided by the board decision not to pursue the Local Option Levy? The salary and benefits that were bargained included that contingent source of money that does not now exist, nor will it exist. The Oregonian has advocated intensifying a whining session directed at the state legislature, but does that eliminate the need to immediately return to the bargaining table to address the change in circumstances caused by the March 14, 2005, decision?


  • Aaron (unverified)


    I think that the option to not to re-up the local option levy is to put the pressure on Salem to fund schools and not the "overed taxed lower to middle class home owners in PPS". The approx. $300 dollars per $150,000 asseted value; could help out the overall local ecomony.

    Was it a good thing to do? I think it was not.

  • J. Smalls (unverified)

    Derry Watch 2005

    Will Derry find a friend to deliver his filing paperwork while he sits in jail?

  • Ramon (unverified)

    C'mon candidates! Aspiring blue politicos should jump in feet first - take the plunge into public service.

    As Portland School Board member, you will learn how to:

    • appease the public employee union bosses (kill charters),

    • be charmed by lobbyists (eat, drink, travel on OPM),

    • stiff the taxpayers (mark them absent),

    • soft-pedal concerned parents (their kids grow up anyway), and

    • take cowardly cover behind "the children" (de riguer).

    Portland School board is the perfect training ground and stepping stone to higher political office in Oregon. You could even become Governor one day. I don't get it. What is everyone waiting for?

  • (Show?)

    Ramon: - take cowardly cover behind "the children"

    Interesting how some Republicans define political courage as the willingness to stand up against the best interest of children.

    Actually, supporting adequate investment in order to lower class sizes DOES take political courage. Unless Im missing something, raising needed revenue isn't always a one-way ticket to instant popularity.

  • ron ledbury (unverified)

    Charlie - - new tier-three teachers do not come with tier-one PERS baggage and can keep the class sizes down.

    The tier-one PERS members that insist upon risk free capitalism are the real right wing nuts, they just have not yet switched their party affiliation on their voter registration cards yet.

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    You forgot to add:

    Work long hours for no pay and take abuse from the citizens.

    How can we complain about our school board? We get what we pay for, don't we? I'm frankly stunned how competent our school board is, given how we compensate them.

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