Earth Day 2005

Earthfromspace_2It's Earth Day, so let's talk about the environment.

What are the biggest challenges facing the environment? What are some realistic, possible solutions? Who are today's heroes of the environment? Aside from government action, what are some things that private individuals, organizations, and companies can do?

It's your topic. Discuss.

  • iggi (unverified)

    on that note, i'd like to see Tri-Met start using bio-diesel. if Willie Nelson can do it...

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    I think that getting serious about energy independence needs to be a central organizing principle of our government. I've written a lot about the Apollo Alliance, so I won't go into that too much more here. But think of how radically an energy independent US could change geopolitics in the Middle East. The opportunity we have now- creating good, sustainable jobs by becoming a leader in clean energy development- is good politics, great public policy. The fact that 911 was used to justify an unnecessary war and not a real energy policy was the single greatest policy tragedy in my lifetime.

    But some good news from beautiful Tennessee on this earth day:

    For enviro heros, I would have to nominate a family friend, Paul Sloan of Nashville, who's been signing the gospel of green since I was a kid. He was just named by Governor Bredeson (D, yes D- we can elect these down there!) to be the Deputy Commissioner of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and is going to do a kick ass job. He's very much a natural capitalist, bioneer, and the perfect guy to protect Tennessee's wild spaces while encouraging the green jobs of the future.

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    did someone say: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

    Seems a good route to keeping life going on the planet. Check out the site, become a volunteer and join the discussion list - very interesting.

    Their phrase is: "May we live long and die out"

    "Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense."

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    What can individuals do? Recognize that more stuff, a bigger house and a bigger car do not equal a happier life. This requires a transformation of consciousness, and in the land of Hummers and Super-sized meals, I'm not sure that it's possible.

    However, I believe the one thing that could enact real change in the US is churches (not just liberal Protestant churches and Catholics, but the fundamentalist, conservative ones). If churches start preaching stewardship of creation, energy independence and a reduction in consumption, then Hallelujah, we might be saved.

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    Albert, that really made my day. Hallelujah brother!

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    When you're waiting for a Rapture that's right around the corner, the world is your ashtray.

  • K. Sudbeck (unverified)

    First thing, stop the Earth Day Walks at the public schools and actually teach them something useful. Like how to solve the problem. Challenges: Getting the consumer economies of China and India to implement enviornmental controls. Getting our own country to re-emphasis our past effective energy policies and revitalize programs that emphasis alternate energies.
    We are recycling the current energy issues from the first energy crunch. Back to basics. Walk, ride a bus, ride a bike, plant a tree, recycle, and so on. Passive solar homes, wind farms, solar energy. I think the state and county can provide incentives for that. I read Mother Earth News. Nothing here is revolutionary. The state should provide incentives for wind farms. Specifically, wind farms down in SE Oregon (Malheur County), due to their anabatic and katabatic winds. Plus, this would be a good location for excess sale to California or Nevada. Companies can push(incentives) walking, jogging or riding bikes to work. Their motive would be that with a healthier workforce, it will drive down their health insurance payments. So, I am voting for the candidate in 2006/2008 who has a platform to reform immigration(no need for illegal immigration), close the border(to prevent the real bad guys from coming across), fix social security, enviornmental friendly public transport and have an effective energy platform (besides oil which is not a renewable resource). I would rather not pass to my children a broke country or state.

  • Daniel (unverified)

    What is a realistic energy source?

    More nucleur power!

    Daniel's Political Musings

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    I'm pretty sure that George Bush mispronounces a bunch of words and mangles phrases due to a mixture of calculation and insouciance, what with the Affirmative Action MBA and all.

    What continues to puzzle is why the rest of the Righties seem unable to pronounce/spell nuclear. I'm just saying.......An advocate for a technology ought to be able to at least google the term successfully.

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    First thing, stop the Earth Day Walks at the public schools and actually teach them something useful

    I know noone wants to hear it, but unless we STOP and perhaps reverse Population Growth all of the rest is just going to slow the degredation of our planet. Yes, population growth has slowed to only adding 75 million people a year, but that's still huge. There are lots of easy ways to accomplish population stabilization and reduction - the sooner we start the sooner

    pollution goes down traffic congestion goes down species recover water clears up skies clear we need less sprawlmarts

    etc. etc.

    This means some changes in our lives. So does anything we'll do to save the planet.

    Happy Earth Day

  • myrln (unverified)

    Stop believing the corporate world or our government has any interest whatsoever in the good of our environment. Achieving that much, then we can turn ourselves to boycotting corporate America and unelecting any and all who don't put environmental concerns above all else. And holding those who say they do accountable if they don't.

  • Lacy Underall (unverified)

    Mmmmmmm. Trees. I love their browness, I love their smell of bark. I JUST LOVE TREES. I first discovered my love for trees when I was home from college in 1981. I was suntanning nude behind the hedge. Pablito, our gardener, usually never worked on Saturdays. It turns out he left a tool behind, and he thought he would pick it up without being noticed. Well I noticed him all right: Pablito, his tool, and all those trees. Mmmmmmm. I just love Earth Day.

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