Brand Oregon: Gambling, Roads, Weather, the Legislature, and Libraries

Chuck Sheketoff

HttpegovoregonAt the base of the State of Oregon's homepage there it is, the Oregon Lottery logo. An advertisement, right there alongside links for Oregon's weather, road cams, Legislature, and Library Net.

Click the link there or here and you go to the lottery's shameless promotional site, not the official homepage of the lottery or the Oregon Lottery's agency information site that (sort of) explains how the Lottery operates.

The State of Oregon homepage speaks volumes about the state of Oregon, today. Someday, perhaps, there will be ads for Oregon pre-K, K-12, and higher education and the Oregon Health Plan. When we have reason to be proud of their accomplishments, I guess.

  • panchopdx (unverified)

    Ironically, the Lottery may be the perfect metaphor for Oregon government.

    Odds of getting a favorable result from the funds taxpayers/gamblers put into each are dismal.

    The biggest difference is we aren't required to spend money on the Lottery.

  • (Show?)

    Daddy needs a brand new school budget. Sevens, sevens ... no snake eyes. Come on, baby!

  • dinah (unverified)

    I'm still baffled each time i watch one of the new Oregon Lottery tv ads that tout how much it's done with the billions of dollars made --- counter that with nightly news (often) following the ads about education budget shortfalls and school closings.. huh ? I'm all for nice parks, beaches, etc... but, am i missing something? where's all the millions to keep these schools not only open, but thriving?

  • Sally (unverified)

    "where's all the millions to keep these schools not only open, but thriving?"

    I'd recommend checking PERS and the benefit plans first.

  • dinah (unverified)

    Sally: honest and perhaps naive question: What does PERS have to do with it ?

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