Tough Summer Job

Jesse Cornett

In today's Living Section, there's a fun story to note. Local enviro Matt Blevins will soon find out whether he's a finalist for a job following the Dave Matthews Band around for the summer, giving away samples of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, while talking global warming with concert-goers. It sounds like a perfect fit and a heck of a summer job. Good luck Matt, let us Blue Oregonians know what you find out!

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    Best of luck, Matt - sounds like an interesting gig. Would rather be on-stage with the band, if I had my druthers.

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  • Harold Cade (unverified)

    The BBC is reporting that the G8 drafted a document on their response to global warming, for their upcoming meeting, that explicitly links human activity to global warming, and states that the effect should no longer be viewed as speculative, but generally accepted by scientists. They later reported that this language has been bracketed out in the latest draft at the request of one of the member nations. Assuming that we are the offending party, now is the time for some direct action to draw attention to our bullying, pseudo-scientific tactics before the mass media has some tepid report about the G8 meeting, or focuses exclusively on "debt relief" for Africa (which it isn't). It's incredible, given Russia's track record on the environment, that we are the only ones objecting. Maybe the documents Cheney was fetching from PGE when he was here were about efforts to quash CO2 reduction, not their fraud in California :-).

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