Who's been drinking at Danziger's watering hole?

Chuck Sheketoff


  • JS (unverified)

    Maybe it's Donnie Fowler?

    Taking swings at fellow Democrats isn't exactly appropriate behavior for someone who wanted to be Chairman of the DNC.

    Maybe Donnie should have punched himself for his failure to connect with the netroots...

  • Daniel Defender (unverified)

    Why did you ban Daniel from danielisright blog from posting here, as he claims? I personally think he is an idiot, but let him post, we'll just dismiss his crap anyways.

  • (Show?)

    Regarding Daniel. As I posted in a comment on his blog:

    Daniel... I think our guidelines are pretty clear. From the post in which we linked to your blog:

    (And before y'all go crazy... No, this isn't about censorship, it's just about creating a place for progressives to have a conversation. If we're spending all of our time fending off Red Oregonians, then the volume goes up and we can't have good conversation here. Start your own blog, go talk elsewhere, and feel free to criticize what happens here over there. Thank you.)

    Not only have you been engaging in silly left-right arguing, you've also been posting links that have nothing to do with your comments. If you had a comment that linked back to a specific page on your blog that had more information/exposition, that would be fine. Instead, your links are more like a comment spam.

    Feel free to post your thoughts about posts at BlueOregon right here at DanielIsRight. We've made an editorial decision - not a censorship one. You have all the free speech you need right here.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience! Which is why I never call in to the GOP Radio Gods Of Debauchery -- Rush (drugs), O'Reilly (sex) and Bennett (gambling).

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