Write-in campaign underway

...for the Willamette Week Best of Portland readers' survey. Cue Jefferson Smith:

It's Willamette Week's annual "Best of Portland" online vote. The Oregon Bus Project has been recognized in the past, but this year there is no "best political organization" or "best activist." There is, however, "best nonprofit." We should drive some votes for the Bus on that. Even if we don't win, it will give some indication that they should include a category in the future that we fit in really well (like "political organization" for instance).

So vote, and get your friends to vote.

Question 84: "Best Nonprofit": Click "Other" and write-in "Bus Project"

While you're at it, don't forget question #79 for Best Local Blog.

It's been noted that you don't have to make a selection in all 86 categories, but rule #1 makes it clear that you can't just bullet-vote for a handful of categories:

For your votes to count, and to be eligible for the Prize Drawing, you must make selections in AT LEAST 40 CATEGORIES.

Vote here, vote now.

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    Already done. I too was surprised that the category was not there, especially since the Bus Project has been recognized before.

    When I voted yesterday I made sure to write in the Oregon Bus Project on that one.

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