Betting Pool! When will they adjourn?

The Oregonian is reporting that the legislature may (or may not) be nearing adjournment.

Lime green T-shirts emblazoned with "sine die," the Latin phrase indicating final adjournment, are nearly sold out in the Capitol gift shop.

Of course, they're already late - and there's no sign of agreement on a few key issues:

Despite pledges to finish their work by the end of June, the 2005 Legislature broke for the Fourth of July weekend without a budget agreement, although top legislative leaders now meet daily and signs around the Capitol suggest the close of the session nears.

So, that leads to an obvious question here at BlueOregon. When will the legislature adjourn? Pick a date and an hour - and if you're right, you'll win glory and admiration from all BlueOregonians.

(And no, you can't pick the same hour that someone else has taken ahead of you.)

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