DeFazio: Must See TV

There's a fight underway in Washington about funding for the Veterans Administration.

Fellow Republicans warned House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Tom DeLay more than a year ago that the government would come up short — by at least $750 million — for veterans' health care. The leaders' response: Fire the messengers. Now that the Bush administration has acknowledged a shortfall of at least $1.2 billion, embarrassed Republicans are scrambling to fill the gap. Meanwhile, Democrats portray the problem as another example of the GOP and the White House taking a shortsighted approach to the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and criticize their commitment to the troops.

DefazioOf course, Congressman Peter DeFazio is, well, not exactly happy with the GOP leadership when it comes to their veterans' health care funding shortfall.

Fans of DeFazio are rocketing around a link to a video that shows the Eugene-area congressman in his usual fighting form.

Check it out. (Yeah, you'll have to watch three others first. Hang in there, they're brief.)


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