Just Do It: Call Nike and say "Thanks!"

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NikeThe American Family Association is hammering away on Nike because 'Nike endorsed a bill in their home state of Oregon which would legalize "civil unions."'

They're calling on their members to send emails to new Nike CEO Bill Perez. So, time to fight back. Let Nike know that you appreciate their endorsement of Senate Bill 1000.

Bill Perez, President

Nike, Inc.
1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453

Primary Phone: 503-671-6453
Fax: 503-671-6300
E-Mail: [email protected]

Oh, and don't forget tomorrow's today's rally at the State Capitol.

  • Bryan Boyd (unverified)

    Kari - The rally is today (wednesday) :) 6pm on the steps of the Capitol.

    Rally Info

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    Hmmm...I suppose this is a bad time to mention my plan to boycott Nike because of the way they treat high school basketball players.

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    Thanks, Bryan. Wrote it last night - gotta think ahead when I post into the future. :)

  • plantsman (unverified)

    It seems Queen Karen Minnis won't allow SB1000 to come to the floor in any case, Wish everybody's civil rights were that negotiable, doncha?

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    plantsman, you can do something to at least pressure Minnis and the Republicans to bring it to the floor. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't--but we don't know unless we try.

    I've got links for contacting people here at Also Also.

  • Ruth Adkins (unverified)

    Done--thanks so much for the alert! You know the wedgified masses are going to be raising a ruckus on this one--everyone go do it now and speak up for equal rights!

    It's like stepping thru the looking glass to go to the AFA site...

    I clicked on their "Media guide" just to see what it would contain (diatribes against all those "liberal" pundits, perhaps...all, what, 4 of them?). It was just the standard capwiz email system, but, surprise, the US map was red instead of blue! Never realized that was an option. Ha!

  • Lenny (unverified)

    I've been boycotting Nike since the 80's due to their unwillingness to addess sweatshop issues, but at this point with their support of this bill I will reconsider. Now if they could just do the same here in Michigan.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Does anyone know where former PPS Board Member and current Nike shill Julia Brim-Edwards stands on this issue?

    Is she backing the shoe company, or her own beliefs?

    Gotta be a tough one.

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