Reinhard gives Wayne Scott some love

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Just a couple of days after I wrote...

What planet is Wayne Scott living on? It's gotta be Wayne's World.

...right-wing Oregonian columnist David Reinhard writes...

It could be time for a further expansion of Wayne's World.

Why? Check this out. His thoughts on the House Majority Leader border on the absurd:

A quiet star is born in Salem. ... "He's awesome" ... "He's the biggest talent to hit this building in years"... "He knows how to bring people together" ... Everybody talks about his vast patience ... Suffice it to say, not every pol can go this deep. Overall, Scott knows what be believes, and why. The upshot is a quietness and directness that contribute to his effectiveness. ...

It just goes on. Reinhard even suggests that GOPers ought to draft this guy for a run at state treasurer!

While the rest of Planet Earth is watching Wayne Scott dissemble about his strong-arm tactics and outright threats to Representative Arnie Roblan, the Oregonian's resident right-wing wacko is imagining statesmanship.

Now we know what planet David Reinhard lives on, too. It's gotta be Wayne's World.

  • Ruth Adkins (unverified)

    As Nelson would say in the Simpsons-- "Haw, Haw!"

    Ol' Blowhard really cracks me up. "Notoriously humble" was my favorite line.

  • (Show?)

    At least you know that Reinhard reads Blue Oregon (or at least someone who feeds him information reads it -- couldn't be Scott's staff, could it??).

  • (Show?)

    Lots of anonymous sources give him props, no Democrats do, liked by Karen Minnis -- what more does a rising star need?

  • (Show?)

    I was glad I'd finished eating my cereal before I got to this story this morning. I do a daily news google on Minnis and this was one of the top stories.

    I want to know what planet Reinhard is living on.

    He seemed to conveniently forget some things about what Scott's done this session.

  • Josh (unverified)

    Reinhard's column was the closest thing I have seen to a Public BJ in a long time and after reading that I'm starting to think that Senator Charles Starr was right when he said "the not to be used for sexual purposes."

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    This remeinds me of a Reinhard piece on Bill Sizemore that bordered on the homoerotic - not that there is anything wrong with homoeroticism, mind you.

  • Brandon (unverified)

    One of the more prominent sources in Reinhard's piece was lobbyist Paulette Pyle, "Grassroots Director" of Oregonians for Food and Shelter. While this group might sound as if it gives food and homes to the needy, it actually lobbies against environmental legislation on behalf of big agricultural and logging interests, including pesticide, chemical and biotech companies. Paulette was also one of three 2004 Bush Pioneers from Oregon.

  • LG (unverified)

    Dear Jenni,

    If you really Google Minnis on a daily basis, I would say you need a new hobby.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    If you think Reinhard's article on Wayne Scott, advocate for denying cost of living increases to the minimum wage, was ridiculous, check this commentary from The Source Weekly in Bend, Oregon at

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    The good-quality workers at The zerO are embarrassed to be in a paper with such a blind groper for insight who then tries to write what he doesn't see, the overpaid albatross around the neck of editorial esprit. When a heavy karmic drag on operations and image, writes so stinking bad and still keeps a job, it explains that there is more than hack wages going on -- somewhere there is complicity or coercion that someone's exploiting. Because the shoddy product so obviously mocks itself that it defies the reader not to know there must be extracurricular gotchas.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)
    <h2>Does Davey spit or swallow after a puff piece like that one?</h2>

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