Sine Die Watch 2005

GoldmanIn the State Capitol there were predictions early in the legislative session that it would be a short one. Much to the contrary, it just became the 5th longest session ever and is easily slated to become at least the second longest (with the longest, of course, being last session). The Statesman-Journal had an update yesterday and today on progress on the “deal” that will end the session. Once the deal is reached, it will take at least two weeks to close up shop and go home, according to most Capitol insiders.

Day by day, everyone in the Capitol is anxiously awaiting the smoke signals: will it be white smoke indicating that a deal has been brokered, or black indicating more deadlock? Problem is, there are lots of smoke signals, but they all appear gray.

What are your updated predictions on ending date of this session?

  • LG (unverified)

    The end is near. Bob Jenson has cancelled his standing order for flower delivery. The member lounge is ordering food on a day-to-day basis. The Governor was actually spotted in the negotiating room yesterday, possibly enjoying a tasty a frozen chocolate treat. Peetsy has switched to shorts. Bold prediction: Sine Die August 4th.

  • jk (unverified)

    Rumor has it a deal on the K-12 budget was struck yesterday.

  • Ruth Adkins (unverified)

    Pitchforks and torches, anyone?

  • (Show?)

    If this were a game of scrabble, I'd be turning in my letters and getting new ones. Geez, what a disappointing session this has been. Karen Minnis run for Governor!!!

  • J. Smalls (unverified)

    JK: there are always rumors.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    August 19, 2005. ( 5: pm PDT, in case of needing a tie-breaker.)

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