The Kids Are Alright

YouthcaucusSo, for high school students everywhere, it's summer vacation now. A time for sleeping in, hanging out 'til all hours with friends, maybe have a summer job, and oh yeah... time to change the world.

If you're a high school student, run - do not walk - right on over to The Youth Caucus and get yourself signed up. As they're fond of saying about politics:

Forget all the mock stuff, do it for real!

If you're not a high school student, find one - and make sure they get themselves over The Youth Caucus.

Our mission is to engage students in the political process in our communities and advocate for the issues that Oregon teens care about. Through visits to the state capitol, rallies, speaking with politicians and political leaders, parties, and much more, our job is to ensure that each Oregon student has a voice that is HEARD.

Now, once you've taken care of that, feel free to come back here and discuss.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    Although almost altogether, all see all told it is 'all right.'

    'Alright' and other unrecognized variations like alKaida, al Queda, al Qa'ida, al Ka'aida, al Quaida, al Qaida, (and there are more), makes the out-of-bounds terms unsearchable and unfindable and unincluded.

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    Ah yes, Tensk, it certainly is an 'unrecognized variation'. But that's what gives you the clue that it's a cultural reference.

    OK, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    Programming is the verb, all right. Damn, I simply cannot follow 'word up.'

    Reminds me of the Firesign Theatre segment, where the two Hip Police are prowling in their cruiser:

    HP 1: Look at that kid over there, he's groovy. HP 2: He's groovy. HP 1: See that chick with the halter top? She's groovy. HP 2: Groovy. HP 1: Hey, what about the granny waiting for the Walk light? HP 2: She's not groovy. [ Brief sound of siren pulling to the curb, car doors opening ...] HP 1: We're going to have to send her back for re-grooving.
    As for the thread topic, I made my 18-year-old read it and told him DO IT.

  • iggir (unverified)

    i think we need to seriously considering dropping the voting limit to 16 or 17...i know teenagers who know more about politics than most adults.

    why not make them pass a class that teaches them how to get informed about the issues and how to vote. have them take a test (like a voter's aptitude test) and then let them register for real. it would help create informed, educated voters and would give them some real say in what's going on...a bunch of kids with signs got nothin'.

    i had a job at 15 and was paying taxes...why shouldn't i have had a say in where my tax dollars were spent?

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    ...a bunch of kids with signs got nothin'.

    Oh that's so not true!! When I was 15 I did some polling place visibility and lit distribution (from a legal distance, of course) for NARAL. You would be amazed at how much attention a couple 15-year-olds get at a polling place. Nevermind the signs, what the hell are a couple of kids doing at a polling place? Kids get noticed.

    Anyway, I'll never forget what one voter said to us as she left... she said "You know, you guys are voting in your own way." That made all of the yelling and screaming from the anti-choice voters worth it.

    I also debated my mother to no end on issues until she caved. :-) Either I completely wore her down or she finally saw the light because after being a life-long Republican, she died a Democrat.

    Teens can vote, just not the way we do. They really can make a difference - even with a bunch of signs.

    <h2>Oh and if Janet Jackson can name a song Alright, then it must be a word, no? ;-) I personally don't understand why it hasn't been picked up by M-W as a word. Oh wait - it has. Even MS Word now recognizes "alright" as a word. Let's get back to a good debate over semantics - like who vs. whom. ;-)</h2>
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