Greg Walden & He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Walden_and_the_dark_lordOver the last year, BlueOregon readers have been following the devotions of Oregon's own Congressman Greg Walden to the corrupt leadership of Tom DeLay. (Click the image for the full-size edition.)

To recap:

In April, Kari Chisholm wondered why Greg Walden hadn't yet demanded that DeLay resign his post. Of course, Walden took $4,342 from ARMPAC - the fund at the center of this week's indictment.

So, Greg, what'll it be? Will you call on DeLay to resign? Will you lead by example - or just wait for the guy to resign before you tell us that you were really working behind the scenes to make it happen?

In November, Jeff Alworth questioned and then revealed Walden's support for "The Delay Rule" - the rule change that would have allowed Tom Delay to stay in office this week. (That vote was later reversed under pressure from the Democrats.)

On Tuesday, the House voted to remove an eleven-year-old ethics rule that will allow Tom "the Hammer" DeLay to remain majority leader even if he's indicted on fraud charges. This will reverse rules DeLay himself helped pass during the great Gingrich revolution--when the tables were turned and the Democrats had control of the White House and Congress. But hey, what's power good for if not to protect your ass?*


And feel free to call the Congressman's office, too: (541) 776-4646 or (202) 225-6730

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