BlueOregon Exclusive: Another Supreme Court Candidate

Virginia LinderHere at BlueOregon HQ, we've picked up a fast-breaking story today.

Virginia Linder, currently on the Oregon Court of Appeals, has been calling friends all day and is telling them that she's considering running for the open seat on the Oregon Supreme Court.

Linder has been on the Court since 1997, and previously served as an Assistant Attorney General, Assistant Solicitor General, and state Solicitor General. Her bio is here.

She's previously been endorsed by Democratic former governor John Kitzhaber and Republican former attorney general Dave Frohnmayer. Her 1998 voter's pamphlet is here.

Gene Hallman, a respected trial lawyer and consumer advocate from Pendleton, has already filed for the race and has been building support across the state.

Jack Roberts, the Republican and former labor commissioner has been considering his own entry into the race - and has already been drawing criticism here at BlueOregon.

There seem to be widespread rumors today that Jack Roberts might not run if Linder dives in. Stay tuned.

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    I am reluctant to say anything positive about Judge Linder on BlueOregon for fear someone might use it against her (we know you're out there Jeff Merrick!), but the truth is I think she is a fine Cour tof Appeals Judge and would make a fine Supreme Court Justice.

    I have said from the beginning that I believe it is a disgrace in 2005 that Oregon has no women on its Supreme Court. Therefore, if Judge Linder demonstrates the ability to be a strong candidate with a good chance to win, I would be inclined not to make this race. However, Gene Hallman has a head start and a strong organization raising money and getting endorsements for him.

    I believe I can overcome this, but Judge Linder needs to demonstrate that she can. I will be watching her campaign to see if she does this before making a final decision as to what I intend to do. In any event, I am encouraged that she is thinking of running and I wish her the best.

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