Hempstead Update: Newsday Endorses 'Taking Back Keys to the Kingdom'

Charlie Burr

[Editor's Note: BlueOregon regular Charlie Burr is running a campaign in Long Island, NY - and is sharing tales of the last days of the last great GOP political machine.]

Earlier this morning, the influential Newsday endorsed our campaign in a hard-hitting editorial:

Looking for enlightened leadership

Oct. 24, 2005

For 100 years, one dynasty has controlled the Kingdom of Hempstead. Members of this ruling class have splendid jobs and special privileges because the townsfolk pay mighty taxes. But now, this burden has become too heavy and people want change. So a smart man, with a strong voice, has stepped forward, announcing that the time has come to take back the keys to the kingdom. He's right. Let Harvey Levinson end the reign of the Republicans in the Town of Hempstead.

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