Breaking: Kulongoski Files

TedkmugEarlier today, Governor Ted Kulongoski filed the necessary paperwork to run for re-election. To date, he is the only Democrat to file for the governor's race.

Among Republicans, only 2002 GOP candidate Kevin Mannix and unknowns William Spidal and David Beem have filed.


  • Jonathan (unverified)

    And now we all wait, with bated breath, to hear about the bold vision for the next four years ... about the course change that is necessary to get Oregon's fiscal house in order -- all of those things that didn't seem to happen the last three years.

  • Winston Wolfe (unverified)

    Congrads Ted!

    For the first time in 3 years you made a decision...Way to go.

  • Jon (unverified)

    Apparently he needs more time to create all those jobs he promised.

  • lars (unverified)

    Ted is God's gift to talk radio...but he will be the demise of this wonderful state Lars

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    Sizemore, McIntyre, and now the Minnis/Scott tyrannical tag-team have been the demise of this wonderful state. Granted, Ted has done little to address or undo the havoc the former have wrecked on this wonderful state, so he can certainly shoulder some responsibility, but the distaster of Measure 5 will always be an ugly, indelible stain on the Republican legacy here in Oregon that even the legacy of once respectible Republicans such as Tom McCall can not undo.

    Thanks for visiting. So I guess you're endorsing Ted, since you R's seem to speak and act generally in favor of Oregon's demise through school budget and social service cutting?

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    Even though the big "O" flirts with Kitz by giving him ink on the front page, the "O" buries the news that it was Ted who designed the roadmap for ending the recent teacher's strike. Say Kitz's name anywhere below Eugene and you'll hear folks still angry about his plan to remove Savage Rapids Dam in Grants Pass. The "O' writes about Mary knitting...gimmee a break.

    Anyone who has spent any real time looking at what Ted's done for economic development since he inherited Kitz's mess would be rushing to vote for Ted. Ted is much more like Tom McCall than any other candidate in either party.

    Lars lurks here? Maybe it'll do him some good.

  • dmrusso (unverified)

    Yeah to Lars,

    ... and to every other self-serving conservative that wants us all to live in poverty, working at Walmart and paying a higher percentage of tax than big corporations!

    I'd be interested in seeing his ratings after nearly two years of Air America.

    Fact: Conservative Media needs liberal and progressive success in elections. Otherwise, they might start canabalizing one another!

  • Quesiton (unverified)

    Which State Lars? Oregon where we live or Washington where you live.

  • geno (unverified)

    Yo, paulie; Last time I looked, savaged rapids was still in place and unnecessarily killing fish. Who do we need to thank for that????

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    It would be interesting to know what Lars regards as a demise. If he thinks Ted will cause a demise, what would he think of Sorenson? Or Kitzhaber? Methinks Lars doth protest too much.

  • mrfearless47 (unverified)

    If re-elected, this should give Ted enough public-sector time to cash in his own PERS chips at the highest possible benefit level.

  • WARNING (unverified)



  • The under-employed (unverified)

    Now the our highly esteemed Governor is in the race we can watch the parade of second tier candidates follow. My question is if the average "Farley McDougan" voter will care enough to turn out for the looming Mannix/Kulongoski rematch.

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    Check out Ted's new Chief of Staff.

  • Winston Wolfe (unverified)

    Hey Under-Employed,

    Do you think people would show up if Ben Westlund was in the race?

    What party is he again?

  • Simp (unverified)

    There is also Jason Atkinson (R), though I don't think he has filed yet

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Lars speaks... on the demise of Oregon.

    I like it when guys who REFUSE to fight criticize us that do.

    I like guys like that.

    They make me laugh.

    Say hi to Stevie for me. Lu too.

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