HD25: Backlund won't run

Vic Backlund, a former moderate GOP state representative who had been defeated in a Republican primary, has decided against running for his old seat as an independent. From the Statesman-Journal:

Backlund changed his party registration from Republican to nonaffiliated in September, with an eye to challenging Rep. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer, who defeated him in a bitter GOP primary in 2004.

On Monday, Backlund said he decided not to enter the House District 25 race, citing the desire to travel more and the entrance of Democrat Susan Keen into the field.

Backlund, a retired McNary High School teacher and coach, is considered a moderate Republican. He expected to draw many Democratic votes and support from the powerful teachers union, the Oregon Education Association.

"If I could have gotten on the general ballot as an independent, opposed by only the incumbent Republican, I think I could have won," Backlund said.

Should Democratic leaders have tried to clear the field for a strong independent run by a moderate Republican? Or is a strong Democratic candidate, even an unknown, always the best way to grow the party?


  • sasha (unverified)

    Ohh gee Mr. Backlund decided that he'd rather sit and rest on his PERS than run for office again. Tragedy. PERS ain't no disincentive, is it?

  • (Show?)

    Vic Backlund is one of the most honest, decent legislators I have worked with in fifteen years.

    If he changes his mind and runs he could win...and I think that it would be a good thing if the legislature had an independent or two.

  • Lulu R. Stroud-Johnson (unverified)

    Although I can understand a person's desire to 'travel more', sometimes such relaxation minus the challenge of politics is not enough. The entry of Ms. Keen should not deter Vic Backlund from again seeking office. Winning comes in many forms.

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