Vote for the Common Sense Idea

Chuck Sheketoff


For months the folks at Since Sliced Bread have solicited fresh, common sense ideas that will strengthen our economy and improve the day-to-day lives of working men and women and their families.

The winning ideas must

*Grow the economy
*Create good-paying jobs that allow people to raise a family, afford health insurance, pay for their children’s college education, get additional training and save for retirement
*Encourage existing companies to expand and entrepreneurs to start new ones.

Since Sliced Bread is so serious about finding and rewarding good ideas that a panel of respected thinkers and community leaders will choose 21 finalists and public voting will determine the top three ideas.

The winner receives a grand prize of $100,000 and Since Sliced Bread's commitment to work to make the idea a reality. The two runners-up take home $50,000. All 21 ideas will be featured in a book to be published in 2006.

After receiving more than 22,000 ideas (including one from me) they are fixn' to take a vote in early January.

You can sign up to vote here. Then you will be redirected to a page to send invitations to vote to people you think might be interested.

Here's your chance to put some common sense ideas on the public agenda.

  • Fresh Toast (unverified)

    I like this idea. It is important that people be made aware of how their tax dollars are spent. I posted another idea that tries to accomplish the same thing - "Itemized Tax Receipts" There are differences in how each of our ideas would be implemented and they each have a different focus. Politically, I think Liberals may prefer your version while Conservatives may prefer mine, but ultimately it would be best if both ideas were implemented. They each tackle a different end of the problem and complement each other quite nicely.

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