You've got a free $50. Now spend it.

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It's one of the most progressive political reforms to be found anywhere in America. And, fortunately for you, it's right here in Oregon. And it's been the law for years.

Through our tax system, the State of Oregon gives each tax-paying Oregonian a $50 gift. But you can't keep it. Instead, you must either pay it back in state taxes -- or donate it to a qualified political campaign or cause.

To put it another way: By donating $50 to a political campaign of your choice, you can reduce your taxes or increase your refund by that same $50. That's right: it's a full 100% credit, not a deduction.

Many folks forget to use their Oregon Political Tax Credit in these odd-numbered, non-election years. Don't let that be you.

Remember - you can't keep the $50. Either you pay it in your taxes - or you give it to a political candidate, campaign, or party of your choice.

Over at, there's more info - including instructions on exactly where to take the credit on your tax forms. Oh, and there's also a listing of progressive campaigns and organizations in Oregon that have secure, online donations. (If there's a group missing, post a comment here at BlueOregon and I'll update the site.)

It's so easy. And it doesn't cost you a penny. Use your tax credit. There's only 10 days left this year.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Heya Kari.

    Can I give my fiddy to Craig Berkman's legal defense fund?

    From what the front page of the paper said, seems the boy needs a bit of help this "holiday season".

    Feliz Navidad!

  • sargentripper (unverified)

    Mitch Greenlick could use a little love for his health care initative.

  • (Show?)

    This tax credit gets mentioned continuously in my little world. Everyone being very clear that they are the appropriate recipients of my largesse.

    Remids me of the old fable about the peasant wh goes to the capitol to pay his respects and bring a gift to the king. As he nears the palace he is accosted repeatedly by various government functionaries demanding, as a condition of passage, a cut of any "reward" that the king might bestow.

    Sure enough, the King offers a reward and the peasant requests "a good beating" to be parceled out to the various gummint workers.


    In this case, Kari isn't asking for the money, but directs us to a list of worthy recipients, so Git er done.

    My tax break became irrelevant in January........

  • Wintson Wolfe (unverified)

    Please send your money to "Winston Wolfe's Better America."

    The main platform of this PAC is what is good for Winston is good for America.

    I can assure you that your money will be used to buy whatever Winston Wolfe desires.

    Thank you and God bless!

  • Ron Ledbury (unverified)

    If my campaign is survival can I buy $50 in food and eat it and get the deduction (credit)?

    Same for the deductions for purposes of retirement accounts etc.

    Just advocate that the standard deduction be raised.

  • Lefty Fitzpatrick (unverified)

    Does anyone find it a little more than just a bit ironic that this website is advocating for a tax cut that costs Oregon more than $8 million a biennium. While I understand that it may be your [insert personal deity]-given right to take advantage (and that's the key) of this tax break for people who have $50 to give to a cause, progressive or otherwise, I say to you, is it worth it to take advantage of this tax loophole knowing that 1,000 more low-income people could have health insurance for the $50 bucks you send to some cause so they could print some glossy tree-killing brochure? Ask yourself, WWTAD? (What would Tre Arrow do?)

    What, no preachy self-promoting post from that guy from the public policy think tank in Silverton? I can't remember his name as it were.

  • (Show?)

    Lefty.... In general, tax credits & deductions exist to promote certain kinds of behavior.

    Personally, I believe they should promote good behavior, and discourage bad behavior.

    At the moment, however, there are tax breaks that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas, pollute the environment, and cheat retirees out of their pensions.

    Before I get in a twist about a tax credit that encourages political participation (by grassroots folks of all stripes), I'm going to worry about those other ones.


  • Helen (unverified)

    I find this absurd. it's only a one day thing that will get lost in nowhere.

  • Bob (unverified)
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