Tri-Met Faces Lawsuit from Assaulted Bicyclist

Bike assaultThe big story on all the Portland bicycling blogs this week is about the lawsuit filed by bike activist (and city employee) Randy Albright against Tri-Met. In short, here's the story, from the Oregonian:

After a close call with a bus approaching the Hawthorne Bridge, bicyclist Randy Albright said he wanted to get the attention of the driver. So when the bus stopped for traffic, Albright pulled in front of it so the driver couldn't avoid him. ... The driver opened the door and allowed a rider to "alight from the bus at an unapproved stop on the bridge, assault and batter plaintiff, and then re-board the bus," Albright charges in lawsuit filed recently in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Over at the BikePortland blog, they broke the story four days ahead of the Oregonian and had this comment:

Regardless of Randy’s outburst, there’s simply no justification for a TriMet driver allowing a passenger to beat someone up and then leave them without any more respect than roadkill. And what’s up with this psycho passenger? That guy needs to relax and stop assaulting people he doesn’t even know. Too bad no one knows who he is because I’d love to hear his side of the story.

Meanwhile, over at the brand-new BTA Blog (from the advocacy group Bicycle Transportation Alliance), Evan Manvel points out the seemingly-obvious:

...if the driver helped someone who has just assaulted a cyclist leave the scene, instead of calling the police, it’s completely unacceptable. That said, TriMet has had an open door to hear the needs of the cycling community, and I think they are making a good faith effort to be good partners.

Check out the photos, BlueOregon readers. Anybody know John Doe? For a better view, check out the four-camera video of the incident - posted by the Oregonian on their website. (!)


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