Jim Hill is coming . . .

Marc Abrams

To a radio near you.

Catch Jim Hill for a full hour on Kremer and Abrams this Sunday, 10-11 on 750 KXL (you know, Fox, unfair and totally unbalanced, but I'm their "beard").  Seriously, Jim's going to come on, talk about why he's launching this nearly last minute campaign to unseat an incumbent Governor in a primary, why he thinks he can do it and talk ISSUES.  Tune in and call in (503-417-7575) to ask Jim YOUR questions.

Okay, this is the shameless plug department, but we rarely have guests on the show and, given the interest on this blog, thought you'd all want to know.



  • LT (unverified)

    Glad to hear this although I won't be near a radio at the time of the broadcast. Was impressed at Hill's announcement that there was discussion of marketing the state and what we should be doing about trade with other states/ countries and not just "it's about jobs" as Gov. Ted recently said to an interviewer.

    Always glad to hear Hill's ideas (could someone post comments here about what was said for those of us who won't be near a radio then?). Noticed how little of the press coverage of the announcement carried what he said about issues from marketing this state to health care and education. About a national story, Howard Kurtz of Wash. Post recently said "Sometimes I think reporters come to a set-piece event like this with the lead in their heads and even if the place is set on fire, they don't deviate from their path." I am afraid local media often fall into the same trap.

    Will be interesting to see if Gov. Ted can go on any interview shows and talk specifically about what he has done and what he plans to do.

    We can't read minds, so the only way for candidates to tell us what they plan to do, what their vision is, and what their proudest accomplishments are, is if they tell us.

  • JoanneR (unverified)

    Bravo LT - I agree 100% with you. I'd much rather hear a candidate's views from the horse's mouth so to speak, and these talk venues are the perfect stage for them. I'll be listening as I'm feeding the critters and working on fence tomorrow. I've been waiting for Hill to come on a show. I like Atkinson on some issues, and Vicki walker had the best shot for my vote but then she walked out. I'm still very much on the fence about who I'll vote for, Dem or Rep, the only two I know I WON'T be voting for are Mannix and Kulongoski, so I'm interested in hearing these Q&A sessions with as many of the different candidates as possible.

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    Well, as long as we're doing the shameless plug thing here, I hope that Kremer and Abrams (both regular BlueOregon participants) will ask Jim Hill questions that people pose here.

    So, folks, what would you ask Jim Hill?

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    Kari, happy to pose some questions from folks who can't call in. Anyone with an idea should send it directly to me at [email protected]

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    I would like to know:

    1. how he would carve up the budget, not arm-waving generalities, but specific numbers for K-12, higher ed, state police, etc.

    2. What spending would he cut, what taxes would he increase?

    3. If, God forbid, Republicans maintain control of the House, how he will work with them to get any progressive measures through.

    4. Will he change the k-12 funding formula to give PPS a bigger share?

    Can you report back to Blue Oregon with the responses?

  • vic (unverified)

    where to volunteer for his campaign? tel. and addrss. in salem? tks.

  • Randy2 (unverified)

    Some questions come to mind...

    1. How would he work with that nest of vipers in the house?

    2. What steps would he take to (a) recover the millions in unpaid taxes PGE diverted from Oregon rate-payers and (b) return control of our basic power sources to Oregon control [PUDs anyone?]?

    3. Is he willing to challenge the Bush administration on its continued use of our National Guard and Reserves to the fullest extent of his ability?

    I wish someone would speak boldly and honestly to us.


  • Randy2 (unverified)

    A question for Marc and Kari -- can BO post a link to a recording of the show afterwards?


  • Levon (unverified)

    Questions for Mr. Hill:

    1) Doesn't your candidacy significantly increase the chances that Oregon will be left with a Governor Mannix or Saxton?

  • LT (unverified)

    Vic, The Sec. of State filings website candidate detail lists this email.

    [email protected]

    Might be the best way to contact the campaign.

  • (Show?)

    Actually, right now it's [email protected]

    For now, that is the best way to get in touch with the campaign. Stay tuned...

  • JH2006 (unverified)
    <h2>Jim just got a little ahead of himself on the website announcement. It's not due to be launched until Tuesday. There may be something basic up in the meantime but it's scheduled for Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.</h2>

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