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Jeff Alworth

In a shameless act of self-promotion, I would like to direct your attention to BlueOregon's nomination in the "Best State and Local Blog" category of the annual Koufax Awards.  Among long-time political bloggers, there's only one award that matters, and that's the Koufax.  Unlike Florida and Ohio, voting is not rigged.  Like the Oscars, everyone's happy to be nominated, but we'd all like to win.  So, if you think BlueOregon deserves the nod, go vote now.  All you do is scroll down to the bottom and write in BlueOregon (or any blog you think deserves the recognition.)

You can vote in a number of other categories as well, or throw a few bucks into the Wampum tip jar (despite hosting the Oscars of web awards, Wampum is just a regular, nonprofessional blog).  There are a lot of bragging rights up for grabs, so go make sure your fave blogs are doing the bragging. 

Now, speaking of the Oscars....

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    Um, I'm not sure that that's exactly how you vote... From the post:

    As in the two previous categories, voting is not yet open.

    Much thanks, though, to the many folks hollering "blueoregon!" in the comments over there....

  • Ron Ledbury (unverified)

    I can say I have been given elbow room, here. But, popularity is not a contest that I would wish to win. It would be contrary to my nature.

  • mcubed (unverified)

    I dunno, the box on the right that links to all the categories says "Voting hasn't started yet," yet everyone's voting in all categories, including "Best State and Local Blog." And I've seen mentions on other nominated blogs suggesting that people go and vote. (In fact, I was wondering when BlueOregon would get around to mentioning the nomination! I voted before this post was up.) I think voting has started but the Wampum folk just haven't updated the site. I can't imagine them throwing out all the votes they've collected so far ... talk about voter fraud!

    BTW, a couple of my other votes, for your consideration (as they say in Oscar campaign ads):

    Best Group Blog: 3 Quarks Daily Best Expert Blog: Cosmic Variance Best Writing: James Wolcott Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: 3 Quarks Daily

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    Aha! Voting is indeed open.

    Digging 'round the site...

    You may vote by comment or email. Email addresses are on the sidebar to your right. You may leave a comment here or at any of the nominating posts.

    So, head on over and vote for BlueOregon - or whomever.

  • PeteJacobsen (unverified)

    I'd find it hard to name Blue Oregon as best blog, simply because I find the screen format hard to deal with. That is an important part of a blog.

    There are three columns of "other stuff" which makes the actual blog area quite narrow. On top of that, the site does not make use of extra window width if provided, but leaves blank space on the right.

    An important result of the narrow main column is that each entry typically has very little text "above the fold", requiring the reader to decide on minimal information whether to read the entire post.

    Obviously I read the blog and am glad for the information provided. Now improve the layout and you'll have my vote for "best".

  • iggi (unverified)

    hah, i agree with Pete...

  • David (unverified)

    It's a shame that the good folks at Blue Oregon don't see an article regarding the Legislature ripping off people with developmental disabilities to the tune of $29,000,000 as news worthy. Then again in our state these individuals are never seen as news worthy

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    The folks here at Blue Oregon can't cover everything. They'd spend all day writing blog entries and still wouldn't even get close. And there'd be no time for the paying jobs.

    This isn't a newspaper that is expected to cover everything. They cover some of what's happening, but we all know it's just the tip of the iceberg.

    That's why Blue Oregon accepts guest columns. That way they can cover more of what's going on without having to spend 24/7 researching every issue and writing something up on it.

    It's best when someone who has a passion for an issue, has studied an issue, etc. writes on a topic. Then they are more knowledgeable, can cite more of the history and facts, etc.

  • Captain Dandy(aka David) (unverified)

    Trust me, I know what i'm talking about. I've been in this battle for the last 3 years. Prior to that I was forced to resign from my job for speaking out about it. My boss was instucted to censor me by a DHS employee. It's all in the BOLI report I have.

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    Never said you didn't know what you're talking about. I only said that the folks at Blue Oregon can't write something on every topic, and they can't be knowledgeable on every topic. That's why they take guest columns.

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    Actually, last I checked I responded to David's guest column asking him to add some sources to the material - since it's pretty explosive stuff.

    Haven't heard back.

  • Captain Dandy (unverified)

    Jenni..... If a $29,000,000 scandal isn't enough of an issue in this state, what would be? I originally contacted Blue Oregon on 2/27 with a guest column.

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    Hey Pete -- I'm late to respond to you, but you should that about 20% of your fellow Oregonians only have screens that go 800 pixels wide. If we made it wider, those folks would have to scroll left and right.

    As for the front page layout - what would you suggest we ditch? I'm open to ideas, but it seems like pretty tight use of space.

    <h2>I'll also remind you that the right two columns drop away when you click on a post. You never really have to read on the home page anyway.</h2>

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