Breaking: Frank Shields Withdraws

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We've just received word from the Elections Division: As expected, Senator Frank Shields has withdrawn his candidacy for re-election to State Senate #24.

That leaves Jesse Cornett and Rod Monroe as the only two Democrats in the race.

It appears that Shields had intended to withdraw after the filing deadline in order to ensure a clear path for his friend and housemate Rod Monroe. But word got out early on filing day, and Jesse Cornett filed with only 30 minutes to go. That story is here.

Meanwhile, the hastily-arranged kick-off party for Jesse Cornett for State Senate is scheduled for tonight at 5:30 at Roots Brewing, Oregon's only all-organic brewery. 1520 SE 7th Ave (& Hawthorne), Portland.

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    Once again, my disclaimer in this race:

    Jesse is a co-founder of BlueOregon. I also agreed to build his campaign website. Please note that BlueOregon does not endorse candidates. Both candidates will be invited to submit guest columns entitled "Why I'm Running".

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    It's quite nice of you to make that disclaimer, but I think everyone knows we're sort of compromised on this one...

  • JB Rocker (unverified)

    Only a republican could be unhappy that Jesse Cornett is running. Not only is he a great guy, he is freaken funny, and truly cares about the people of this state oh and he is politcal brilliant with some Backbone so that will be nice. And i think us all being compromised on this one is a good thing because it says alot about the character of Jesse Cornett.

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    Jeff --

    You and I might be "compromised", but then I've never been shy about my allegiances. It continues to be my goal to keep BlueOregon an open forum.

    BlueOregon won't become a Jesse Cornett campaign site, anymore than it has become a megaphone for any of my clients - or anybody else that our many contributors support.

    Rod Monroe is welcome to submit a guest column. And we'll post it.

    As we've said from the begininng...

    We expect our contributors to individually motivate our readers to action - but BlueOregon itself won't collectively endorse candidates, stage protests, or even go out for donuts.
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    If this is what appears to be, I think the word "compromised" is a more apt description of this backroom deal, rather individuals' support for the candidate - Jesse Cornett - who stepped up to give voters a real choice here.

  • Winston Wolfe (unverified)

    FRANK...FRANK...FRANK (Winston shakes his head slowly).

    Shame on you!

  • rj (unverified)

    Your disclaimers are growing old.

    "BlueOregon does not endorse candidates."

    That said, BlueOregon makes very clear which candidates they will attack and/or take shots at, as per Kari, Jenni, Charlie or the others who march in lockstep. I refer you to BlueOregon/Kari calling Ginny Burdick the "Enron" candidate. Was that a fair representation of a progressive candidate taking on an incumbent by BlueOregon/Kari? Was that giving everyone a chance to plead their case, or was that the talking point you were given by Weiner/Kaufman enterprises? I use to think BlueOregon would allow us to learn about a candidate we may or may not want to vote for?

    Or do you give preference only to those who subscribe to Mandate Media and/or are a customer?

  • ThisJustIn (unverified)

    The Oregon Natural Resources Council (ONRC) today co-endorsed Pete Sorenson and Jim Hill for Governor.

  • LT (unverified)

    rj, whoever you are, Was that giving everyone a chance to plead their case, or was that the talking point you were given by Weiner/Kaufman enterprises?

    this BlueOregonian who has known Monroe for 20+ years and Frank Shields as well does not follow talking points.

    Furthermore, an old friend and I (we first met at a Dem. state central comm. meeting more than 20 years ago) were discussing Weiner and Kaufman just the other day. How Weiner might have a slightly better reputation than Kaufman, but that the Democratic party was stronger back in the days before consultants started taking over many party functions.

    As I recall, Burdick was given an invitation to post her side of things on Blue Oregon. This is a FORUM for discussion, not an endorsing group. There have been some interesting debates here including the election of the new DNC member and some debates about the wisdom/ power of OLCV scorecards, the candidacy of Nathanson, and a variety of things that went on during the legislature. Type any of those into the Google window on the home page and read for yourself.

    BlueOregon makes very clear which candidates they will attack and/or take shots at, as per Kari, Jenni, Charlie or the others who march in lockstep

    As someone who has sometimes agreed/ sometimes argued with Kari, Jenni, Charlie over months I have been a Blue Oregonian, you may not like what individuals say here, but the above comment just insults those who have at one time or another agreed with those individuals.

    Whichever campaign you are involved with is not helped by insulting people --- anymore than the "support Kulongoski and don't ask any questions or you will be blamed for electing a Republican governor" crowd do no favors for Ted.

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    RJ... First, I've only ever met Liz Kaufman once, and briefly at that. I don't run my blogging past anyone. At the time I wrote the "Enron Pod People" post, I wasn't working for anyone in either City Council race.

    Second, Ginny Burdick and Rod Monroe have been invited to submit guest columns.

    Third, your questions have been asked and answered. As Tony Blair often says during Prime Minister's Questions, "I refer the gentleman to the response I made some moments ago."

    Read earlier comments by Charlie Burr, Jef Green (Jim Hill campaign mgr), and T.A. Barnhart (Sorenson supporter).

    Beyond that, I'm done having the meta-conversation about BlueOregon. Engage on the merits of the discussion at hand, not ad hominem attacks.

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    That said, BlueOregon makes very clear which candidates they will attack and/or take shots at, as per Kari, Jenni, Charlie or the others who march in lockstep.

    That is so untrue, it's hillarious.

    I'm just a visitor to the site-- I'm not part of Blue Oregon. My commentaries are typically posted at either Blog for Oregon or the Multnomah County Democratic Party. I come here to stay up-to-date with political news in the state, debate with people on issues, etc. But like most people here, I'm just a visitor-- I hold no position here with the site.

    I disagree with those who are "BlueOregon" quite often. I'm not a Kulongoski supporter. I lean towards Sorenson, although I'm not committed to that vote. I do know I'm not voting for Kulongoski in the primary.

    While we may disagree, we're still friendly about it and realize not everyone is going to agree with us.

    Other than Republicans, I rarely talk about other Democratic candidates here. I don't live in the city of Portland, so I rarely make comments regarding the city races. My focus is on eastern Multnomah County, as we have 4 house seats out here (49, 50, 51, and 52) that are currently held by Republicans and have Democratic challengers.

    And I don't take "take shots" at candidates-- my postings on them are based on their record, their own comments, etc.

    Anyone who says we're "lockstep" with each other obviously hasn't been coming around here long.

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    Thanks, Jenni. Anybody who thinks we're in "lockstep" hasn't seen the big yellow link on every single page marked "Guest Columns". Got something meaningful and unboring to say? I'll print it. Not only that, but gives away free blogs. Set it up and submit it to - and your headlines will appear here at BlueOregon anytime you write 'em.

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    I inadvertently started the meta talk, I believe, and I apologize for it. I was offering a little levity and didn't expect any response (from Kari or anyone).

    I will go ahead and take offense at this comment, however:

    Or do you give preference only to those who subscribe to Mandate Media and/or are a customer?

    Kari isn't BlueOregon. He isn't even the sole founder (that one of the co-founders is running for office and that we'd be anything but purely enthusiastic about this--personally, not as a blog--is an amusing if specious conceit). BlueOregon is a ball that Kari and Jesse and I started pushing down the hill. I like to think of it as the possession of the writers and commenters who make it what it is--the best political discussion in Oregon.

    Quite often BlueOregon is charged with (pick one) inadequate or lockstep fealty to a person/candidate/cause. But there's no there there--people may disagree with other people at the site, but all are welcome. We do not have a party line (even for the Party, as ocassionally chagrined Dems will tell you).

    As to Mandate Media's involvment, Kari is gracious enough to host the site, and did so for months when it was pretty much a huge time and money suck for him. But don't conflate the server with the service--BlueOregon is not a promotional blog for Mandate Media.

    [Mostly none of this needed to be said, but from time to time my exasperation provokes something like it.]

  • jfe (unverified)

    I don't think anybody runs in lock step here. I've seen plenty of diverse opinions, and tolerance toward many view points. Are there points of broad philosophic agreement, of course there are, this is Blue Oregon. There has even been tolerance for the stray center/right point of view that slips in under the tent. For that I thank you.

  • East County Guy (unverified)

    Once Rod Monroe beats Jesse Cornett in the primary (just as he did overwhelmingly when the two faced off for a Mt. Hood Community College board seat in almost the identical district), I hope everyone here will re-focus on the real enemies: Karen Minnis, Wayne Scott, Ted Ferrioli, Kevin Mannix, and Ron Saxton.

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    Both candidates will be invited to submit guest columns entitled "Why I'm Running".

    Also, Senator Shields is welcomed to submit a guest column "Why I Withdew from the Race 24 hrs After the Filing Deadline."

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    It always cracks me up when people act like Blue Oregon is some entity that meets in dark, secluded, smoke-filled rooms (OK so they're bars and a lot of them are actually smoke free) and plots to take over the world... or at least our little corner of it. Kari, Jesse, et. al. are not collectively The Great and Powerful Oz. I can't speak for all of them but I've known Kari for years and it's laughable to me to think that anyone would basically accuse him of twisting the First Amendment for personal gain. I've actually known him to bend farther in the interest of fairness than just about any other person who is as politically involved as he is - here on Blue and elsewhere. I think he's done a pretty good job of keeping his editorial responsibilities separate from his own opinions and business. That's not really an easy task if you think about it. Which you obviously haven't or you'd realize that Blue is just one big combination of opinions - we've all got 'em, the founders/editors of Blue Oregon included, and we're all entitled to express 'em here.

    This is what happens when the First Amendment and technology come together. And what a beautiful nexus it is.

    Oh and to bring this back on topic - I'm absolutely disgusted and disappointed at Frank Shields' actions... and I think it's incredible that Jesse came in in the 11th hour for the sake of democracy - here in our little corner of the world.

    Anybody else think it was ironic that Jesse was the person sent the phh e-mail this month.... which was titled "the filing day surprise" and said this:

    Aaaah, but do you know what last-minute 4:59 p.m. surprises are in store? Which party is going to spring a candidate on the other side at the last possible moment? No? I don't either - but someone at Progressive Happy Hour does.

    Or did somebody mention that already and I missed it. I just thought that was funny.

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    i refuse to endorse either Rod Monroe or Jesse Cornett. i hereby promise, with God as my witness, i shall cast my vote for neither. i am disappointed in the way this has gone down, and i'm sorry that i must take such a stand so publically, but i can only follow my conscience.

    and the law. and the boundaries of my voting district. which are way down here in Benton & Linn Counties. which means i can't vote for them even if i want to. however, i will be proud to vote & work for Mario Magana!! Frank Morse is a nice guy and yay for his work on SB1000, but we intend to term limit him via a Magana victory!

    (but if i could, i would vote for Jesse. and not because Kari has threatened me in anyway, not that he has, that's not what i said, don't imply that Kari or the BlOrMafia is wielding pipes and kerriganing people or anything....)

  • LT (unverified)

    East County guy, I hope everyone up your way gives as much support to Mike Caudle as has been given to Rob Brading.

    But please don't put Ted Ferrioli in with those evil doers. Regardless of his politics, he is more open to dialogue with ordinary folks than many of the legislative Democrats, and sends out informative newsletters (of the "here is what I think and why I am voting this way" variety). There are Democrats who could learn from his communication with everyday people. He once wrote a harsh letter to the editor and I emailed him "Should I take back every nice thing I have ever said about you?". He responded that the letter didn't come out sounding like what he had meant and he hoped we were still friends.

    Like it or not, there are Democrats (including some incumbent legislators) who don't communicate that well with voters.

    And I think Frank Shields and Rod Monroe fit that description, along with any Democrat who isn't real sure that challengers to certain incumbents ("lousy R to D ratio", challenging an powerful incumbent, perhaps an independent thinker not willing to go along with the caucus on everything, or whatever) deserve the full support of "leadership".

  • Ross Williams (unverified)

    But please don't put Ted Ferrioli in with those evil doers.

    Ted Ferrioli is an evil doer as one can see from his actions.

    It costs one nothing to be polite, which is why the most calculating people usually are. It wins them "friends".

  • Qwendolyn (unverified)

    Well, I got all excited when I saw this was my voting district. The Oregonian said only "parts of southeast portland" --which isn't true because I live in NE.

    ...In any event, I got all excited about voting for this Cornett fellow because the other guy had tried to put the fix in. So I went to Cornetts website and there wasn't really anything substantial there. So I'm hoping to maybe find out a little bit at least about Cornett, and if I like him maybe I'll vote for him and try to convince others to as well. Otherwise I'm not sure what I'll do. I don't really like voting for people I know nothing about. On these local races I usually don't vote.

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    I'd expect that Jesse will have more up on the site in the coming days. Many candidates who have been filed for weeks don't even have web sites yet, so even though he filed at the last moment, he's quickly gearing up for the election.

    Having known Jesse for several years now (through the Multnomah County Dems and Bus Project), I can say that I would definitely vote for him if I was in his district.

    However, I live in Gresham. So I'll be doing everything I can to make sure Jill Selman-Ringer wins the Democratic primary for H.D. 50 and goes on to beat John Lim in the general.

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    Qwendolyn-- Jenni is right -- more is definately coming. However, this home page was put up so people would know how to contact the campaign.

    <h2>Check back soon. I know Jesse would want to hear from you, especially if you have specific questions for him about the race. He's already working hard for people's vote so I hope you'll consider filling out your ballot for this local, but important, race. Thanks for visiting the site and looking to get more information on Jesse's candidacy.</h2>

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