Gordon Smith: Sun Breaks and Tax Breaks

Cody Hoesly

What's the deal with Gordon Smith spending his time and energy helping tax frauds in the Virgin Islands?

I know we all like a little sun break during the Oregon winter, but this is ridiculous.  Who knows where the dirty money leads to?

It'd be nice if Smith were as invested in Oregon as he apparently is in the islands.  Maybe it's time for someone different in '08.

  • geno (unverified)

    Helping the wealthy avoid legitimate tax liability - what a shocker. This while basking in tropical paradise. Such self indulgence is a scourge on present day culture. Isn't there someone who might nurture our state interest ahead of reaping personal benefit by helping a select few tax cheats? The bar is set quite low, I pray a candidate emerges more worthy of our trust?

  • Smith (hearts) money (unverified)

    Well, that explains that... Last time I checked out Smith's FECs, he had received more money from the Virgin Islands than any other place in the country outside the NW (Oregon/Washington). At the time, I thought to myself, "Self, why the hell would people in the VI give 10s of thousands of dollars to a Republican from Oregon?" It appears we have our answer. What are the chances the Oregonian checks this out or devotes a single column to reporting it?

    Did anyone notice last week that Smith's campaign was fined for violations of federal election laws? Turns out those "frivilous complaints" that were just "partisan smears" during the 2002 campaign were anything but... Somewhat surprisingly, there was no mention of it in the Oregonian. Very surprisingly, there was no mention of it here on BlueOregon.

    The AP had a story that got picked up in the R-G. Just like that swanky Ireland trip he took from the drug/tobacco lobbyist, this was explained as a "paperwork error." Gordon Smith: sloppy, a crook, or just a sloppy crook?

    Don't expect to find the answer in the Oregonian. They (heart) Gordon Smith.

  • JayCee (unverified)

    Are you crazy or just a hardcore partisan? One should never change their US Senator unless they are totally corrupt or an absolute moron. Seniority rules in the US Senate and swapping out a member of the Senate Finance Committee for a member of the freshman pledge class is never a good idea (just ask those idiots who voted Tom Daschle out of office two years ago for John Thune. Who? Exactly).

    Smith and Wyden make a strong team for Oregon. Regardless which party is in the majority, Oregon has a strong voice in the majority caucus. Smith has carved out a nice niche as a Senate Moderate. Oregon is best served by keeping this team intact in Washington and letting them continue to gain seniority and clout.

  • geno (unverified)

    So we turn a blind eye to partial self indulgent corruption given the power of seniority? I believe you have nailed down the very flaw which allows bribery/lobbying to flourish. Call me naive, (it’s slightly less insulting than crazy) but my ideal political world would have term limits apply to Congress,e.g., no more than 4 terms max or 16 years. Kill the power of seniority to corrupt! Oh yeah, the suggestion applies to all parties equally which negates your partisanship supposition. We do not have to take the bad with the good.

  • (Show?)

    Oregon is best served by keeping this team intact in Washington and letting them continue to gain seniority and clout.

    Question the frame: This statement makes the assumption that the purpose of US Senators is to extract the maximum funds from the national government for the Senators' constituents.

    I think instead that the purpose of US Senators is to represent the constituent's values, provide leadership to the nation, and govern.

    I don't belive Gordon Smith represents Oregon values, is providing leadership, nor is governing effectively.

  • (Show?)

    shame on anyone for impugning Sen Smith's integrity. he has a moral obligation to uphold here, and he's doing it conscientiously. those who give him his money are his constituents, not the raggedy-ass dirtbags who do nothing more than live in his state, cast their votes and reap the harvest he sows on behalf of his corporate and political masters. Sen Smith is true to his morals, and we can take solace in knowing how well we can know him. we can trust Sen Smith. he'll prostate himself before those with the big bags-o-money; therefore, we'll know where he is at all times and what he plans to do. it is a relief and a pleasure to have this kind of consistent, transparent and self-righteous service in Congress. thanks, Sen Smith; your service to those who own you relieves us of any concern for how you might serve us -- roasted on a bed of salad greens, sauced and seasoned for consumption by your greedhead lords.

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