Katherine Harris: Make Her Spend It All!

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Katherine_harrisFor the last few weeks, Republicans in Florida and across the nation have been expecting Katherine Harris to drop out of her race for the US Senate against Senator Bill Nelson (D). Well, more like "hoping" that she would drop out.

Last week, though, she announced that she's staying in. And not just staying in -- but she's putting her entire $10 million inheritance (from her dad) in the race.

I was sitting there listening to her on Fox News explain that it's "everything" she has and all I could think was....


  • B.R. Finn (unverified)

    I heard on the Al Frankin Show yesterday (3/20) from a reporter at the NY Times or The Washington post (sorry can't remember which) that she actually has 37 mil.at her disposal not 10 mil... she lied?

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    Brilliant, Kari! Another gem from Oregon's sharpest media mind! Keep up the great works and by all means, let's help Cruella de Harris utilize every penny as the proper price for the foul beast she delivered to America's doorstep.

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    Thank you, Kevin. And yes, BR, it appears she didn't tell the whole truth. The $10 million is "everything" from her daddy. Her husband has a lot more...

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    Good stuff, Kari. Let this nutjob be a lesson to anyone considering actually having any money left to leave to their kids.

  • Randy2 (unverified)


    I'd gladly kick some $ to her challenger to help the cause.

    I wanna give karma a kick... where does one donate?


  • Jon (unverified)

    For more details on the decline and fall of the woman Paul Begala termed "Cruela de Vil come to steal the puppies," see: "From Bad to Worse for Katherine Harris."

  • Chuckl (unverified)

    $10 Million is everything? HA! That wouldn't even cover her annual makeup bills.

    Harris makes Tammy Fae Baker look like a makeup artist.

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