A Rising Tide

Cody Hoesly

Much good news has arisen lately, some of which you might have missed.  A recap, with analysis:

1.  The Latino movement for equality and dignity has splintered the Republicans between their racist base and their corporate base.  Divide and conquer.  This provides Democrats with an opportunity to speak up on behalf of Latinos, simultaneously doing the right thing, branding themselves as the party of inclusion and opportunity, and winning a significant demographic.

2.  The LGBT movement, on the other hand, has successfully built coalitions with the labor movement, women's groups, ethnic groups, churches, and others.  Those coalitions have achieved much success in California and Massachusetts both through incrementalist and go-for-the-gold approaches.  Their system is founded on mutual reinforcement, a willingness to take a stand against those who sit on the fence when it comes to equal marriage rights, and intense strategy mixed with grassroots energy.

3.  The thinkers are thinking more and better.  A bunch of ex-Clintonites have an exciting new think tank at the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, devoted to new ideas, and George Lakoff's Rockridge Institute is about to unveil its Manual for Progressives, which will steer a long term course for reframing the policial debate in every way.

In short, although I don't know why it took so long, people are starting to get it, and not just a few people, but that critical mass of grassroots activists, major donors, charismatic leaders, and committed intellectuals.  It's a long term strategy to be sure, but we're off to a good start, finally, and I predict that, when our turn comes round again, it'll last longer, and achieve more, than most of us seem to expect or hope right now.

That's not to say, mind you, that we can sit back and relax here in Oregon.  We've got even more work to do, as the gubenatorial debate tonight made exceedingly clear.  Get out and get your favorite Leftists elected - get those ballot measures passed!

  • Michael Arrington (unverified)

    Ah, a nice reminder.

  • blizzak (unverified)
    <h2>Yeh, Basic Rights Oregon's strategy worked out great. How has their strategy been successful in Oregon? Check, check, check... the blame for measure 36 falls on the people who voted for it but the point of political activism is to pursue a strategy that will allow you to succeed. I don't really understand the point of this vague, positive-core post... go Team Left?!?!?</h2>

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