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An email from the Democratic Party of Oregon:

Submit a Question for the Governor's Debate

If you have ever wanted to ask a candidate a question during a debate, then this email is for you.

Next Thursday, April 7th 6th the Democratic Party of Oregon is privileged to be hosting the first gubernatorial debate with the participation of all three Democratic candidates • Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson, former Treasurer Jim Hill and Governor Ted Kulongoski.

Here's where you come in. These candidates are vying to be our party's nominee for Governor and to lead Oregon for the next four years. The debate is being held in Tualatin, but we want this forum to be representative of Democrats across the state. So we're asking for your help in developing the most important questions that reflect what's on the minds of Democrats in your community.

Any issue is fair game, but those most relevant to the Democratic Party and the governor's role in running and managing state government increase the likelihood of being selected.

Questions may be submitted until 5 pm on Monday April 3. We will review your submissions that night and coordinate with the forum's moderator KPOJ-AM 620 host Thom Hartmann on the right mix to ensure a lively, substantive exchange.

To submit a question, click here.

NOTE: Due to limited space at the venue no more tickets are available. We are hoping to have the event broadcast on the internet or on radio. If you or someone you know has expertise in this area, please have them contact Erin Suhr at [email protected] asap.

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    They had a slight error in their e-mail-- the debate is actually Thursday, April 6th.

  • competence (unverified)

    LOL... yeah, slight.

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    not to mention that a week before the debate: They have no idea how to webcast this! i'm sorry, how can you expect to lead Oregon Democrats into the future and not have someone around who knows the basics about the Web? to advertise -- in an email, fergawdsake -- that "we don't know what the hell we're doing" is not going to gain anyone's confidence.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with asking for volunteers in an email. It could have been phrased better, but oh well....

    What's so weird about it is that they do have that expertise in their shop. They've webcast stuff before.

  • Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (unverified)

    Gosh TA - In the time it took you to post your commentary, you could actually have contacted DPO to help set up the webcast.

    Or were you just looking for another opportunity to opine?

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