HD46: Banzer, Botkin, Cannon, Hennrich, Partin

In HD 46, in inner eastside Portland, five Democrats are vying to succeed Rep. Steve March:

- Cindy Banzer, former legislator and magazine publisher
- Mary Botkin, AFSCME political coordinator and former Democratic National Committeewoman for Oregon.
- Ben Cannon, teacher and Rhodes Scholar. (Ben's guest column on BlueOregon is here.)
- Mary Lou Hennrich, nurse and executive director of Community Health Partnership.
- Lynn Partin, attorney and program developer for Oregon Housing and Community Services

Check out their websites. Read the Oregonian coverage from last week.

Pose your questions for the candidates. Tell us who you're supporting and why. (And let's keep it positive, folks.)


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    Ben Cannon will be a tremendous asset in the Oregon legislature. He is clearly one of the smartest people I've ever met, and a true progressive who has chosen to reject all special interest PAC money in this, his first bid for public office. We are lucky to have a person of his caliber interested in public service.

    • Sal Peralta
  • Christy Splitt (unverified)

    I am also supporting Ben Cannon. His intelligence, poise, commitment, and people skills are admirable. Furthermore, I have faith that Ben will be a tireless advocate for school funding when Portland really needs one (or several). I agree with the Oregonian that this is an especially good collection of candidates. But, Ben clearly stands out as the best choice.

  • Pete Forsyth (unverified)

    Ben Cannon will be taking audience questions at a Bus Project Presents forum tonight - along with Rod Monroe and Jesse Cornett (Senate dist. 24) and Jim Robison (House 44.)

    It's 7-9 pm at Imbibe Restaurant, SE 23rd and Hawthorne. Free event, all ages. Moderated by Oregonian reporter Janie Har.


  • David (unverified)

    As someone who has worked in the Oregon Legislature, I know it could benefit from nothing more than an infusion of smart, young talent such as that which Ben provides. He will bring a different perspective than most of the current members and he'll certainly represent HD 46 well.

    I know Ben will pour his heart and soul into this and truly make all of you proud to have elected him.

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    I'm supporting Lynn Partin. In deciding who is a "best choice," I look at experiencem accomplishment and aiblity to work with others. Lynn's twenty year plus history of activism gives her the edge. Lynn has worked for the party as Chair of the Multnomah County Democrats. She's worked with the legislature as a policy staffer at the state's Housing and Community Development Department and, more recently ont he Governor's staff. She already has the respect adn support of many of the folks she'd be working with, and that will be invaluable. I agree there are good candidates in this race, but for my (tax credit) money, Lynn's the choice.

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    All of the candidates are qualified and would be good representatives. However, Ben will be a great candidate.

    As someone who just celebrated his 62nd birthday I can say that the other four candidates are most likely near the end of their careers and are unlikely to go beyond this position in politics. Ben however is just starting his and he could easily be a successor to Earl Blumenauer or Ron Wyden.

    Yes he will learn a lot in the next two years, but he brings a superior grasp of policy and brilliance to the task. Equally important he is just so damn likable that he will be able to work with a wide cast of characters to get legislation passed, not just introduced, even in a hostile environment.

  • Lynn D. Partin (unverified)

    Hustling on the hustings -- or, "don't try this at home!"

    Although I know Jesse Cornett lost 100 pounds BEFORE filing for office, I've lost 11 myself in the last few months walking full-time every day. It's a bizarre diet-and-exercise plan I wouldn't necessarily recommend to anyone for that purpose! For instance, I personally hit 103 doors on Saturday and another 101 on Sunday, not including the additional efforts of my super volunteers.

    There's no doubt that it's a crazy business with this many horses in the race. But all kidding aside, there are some serious issues demanding our attention. While all five of the candidates would probably agree on what the problems are, I will be singularly poised to land on my feet and hit the ground running towards solving them.

    I've been involved in every Legislative Session since 1991, including on behalf of the Oregon Women's Coalition (a statewide private non-profit organization), the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department (a state agency), and the Governor's Office. I have also been the Chair of the Multnomah County Charter Review Committee (a multi-partisan body by Charter fiat), and the much more partisan Multnomah County Democratic Party -- and lived to tell the tale!

    Now I'd like to get my own vote (obviously!), and be able to branch out to tackle some tougher topics like stable and adequate funding for education (preK-20), and better access for health care -- knowing in trying to address these state sub-systems, we're going to have to address big problems with the state's overall financial structure.

    We all have good intentions with regard to these and many other issues. House District 46 needs someone with the skills to see the light and seize the moment when a small window of opportunity emits just a faint beam -- sometimes all you get! I will be that person.

    Please vote for me by May 16th! Lynn D. Partin, Democrat, HD 46 (See Website link on this page for further contact information.)

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    An administrative note, btw: All five candidates were notified simultaneously last week that this thread would be opened on Monday morning.

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    Why does a smart guy like you want to serve in such a dysfunctional legislative body? And why don't you get a campaign donation from me?

    Ben will be great, and so will Jesse. Let's just hope they don't get burned out.

  • AF (unverified)

    Although there are many qualified candidates in this race, there is only ONE candidate that has the experience to get things accomplished in the legislature, and that's Mary Botkin. Let's get real with each other, there isn't going to be any difference in the issues that all these candidates support. No one will bring anything "different" to the table. What matters is that we get our agenda passed in the legislature and the ONLY person in this race that can work with both Democrats AND Republicans (because realistically you can't be completely partisan in the legislature) Botkin is the ONLY person qualified for this seat.

  • Todd Hawes (unverified)

    Although registered an independent, I would like to see Ben Cannon succeed. Anytime a candidate visits my front door and spends five-ten minutes discussing issues, they are several pages ahead in my book.

  • activist kaza (unverified)

    It strikes me we don't have too many geniuses at present in Salem. If Ben's elected, we'd at least have one. And from my personal dealings with him (via the Bus!), I've found him to be an amazingly accessible genius as well...the kind of fresh face we need in Salem. I don't know the other four (other than Botkin, who has impressed me only as an ultra-partisan union hack, tho I'm happy to be corrected by her fans) but I doubt HD46 could go wrong by firing off this Cannon into the House.

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    I’m supporting Ben Cannon. In just five months, Ben has launched and run a smart, well-organized campaign that has connected with thousands of voters and created a level of excitement at the grass roots that we rarely see in Portland legislative races. I know he’ll do just as good a job in Salem as a state representative working on schools, health care, jobs, and other issues that we all care about.

    • Mac Prichard
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    Again, as noted in the original post, let's try to keep it positive here. There are 5 good people running for office, and calling one candidate an "ultra partisan union hack" is not keeping with the spirit of the post.

    Supporting a candidate? If so, why?

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    With Lynn Partin having done so much work with the Multnomah County Democratic Party, I'm curious why the MultCo Dems endorsed Mary Lou Hennrich. In fact, I'm a little puzzled why the MultCo Dems would do endorsements at all in a race like this, where the it seems like most progressives agree we have a number of good candidates on the Democratic ticket.

    Can anybody shed any light on these endorsements?


  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    We are in the enviable position of having a bunch of great candidates in this race. Oregon can't lose.

    Personally I support Ben Cannon. I am impressed by his focus on education. I am impressed by his intelligence. And I am impressed that a returning Rhodes Scholar would choose to help Oregon by teaching school and running for public office instead of helping himself to a fat Wall Street job.

  • AF (unverified)

    I agree that we keep things positive here...as a union member, I am personally offended by the term "union hack". Public employees in this state take care of your children and make sure that we live in a safe society. Our jobs are extrememly important in this state and if you are anti-union, maybe Activist Kaza, you are truly a Republican.

    Is Mary a "hack" because she supports public safety in the legislature? Is she a "union hack" because she supports public employees? Is she a "partisan hack" because she believes in working families? Is she a "hack" because she helped public employee retirees receive a decent retirement after working for their employer for 20+ years? You are severely mis-informed Kaza.

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    All five candidates will make decent state representatives. They will probably vote the right way and sponsor some good legislation. However, there is only one candidate who is a teacher, only one candidate who is a Rhodes Scholar, and only one candidate who, when elected, will truly have a lasting impact on our state.

    I’ve known Ben Cannon for a few years and I’ve always been impressed by his intellect, sincerity, and gravitas. He has a phenomenal grasp of complex policy issues and his expertise greatly is needed in Salem. I can say with full confidence that Ben will stand out as a young, visionary leader during the next session.

    Ben needs a lot of volunteer help in the next few weeks. He isn’t taking money from special interest groups or PACs so he is going to win the race by grassroots support.

    Oregon needs Ben Cannon. With so much at stake during the next session, it is foolish to pass up on such a quality candidate.

  • Dickey45 (unverified)

    I'm a registered democrat AND a state worker but I don't believe in some of the stuff that goes on with the union.

    [Rest of off-topic comment deleted. -Editor.]

  • annon (unverified)

    All I can say is that with the current house leadership running circles around the Governor and the Senate, I want a representative that can actually get something done. While there are very talented people in this race, the only one that has a track record of working on controversial issues ranging from housing for farmworkers (and an increased budget to make sure more benefit from it) to protecting gay rights is Lynn Partin.

  • Naomi Cole (unverified)

    Ben has the kind of energy needed to reinvigorate progressive politics at a time when Oregon is poised for change. He is an inspiration to a younger generation of citizens who are already engaged in his campaign and will continue to invest in the public good with Ben as a leader. His commitment to liberal values and his inevitable voice in Oregon’s future make me proud to live in this state.

  • Sam Blackman (unverified)

    As chair of the Multnomah County Chapter of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with each of the great candidates vying for this office. At the end of a long night of interviews, Ben Cannon earned our endorsement. He was passionate yet pragmatic, well informed on the issues, charismatic and intelligent: he seems like someone who has the potential to be a great leader in the state for many years.

  • Ron Buel (unverified)

    Ben Cannon deserves your support for the Oregon Legislature. This Rhodes Scholar didn't come back from Oxford to go to Wall Street and make a bunch of money, he moved back to the neighborhood where he had grown up, and became a middle-school teacher instead. Now he is running for the state legislature in his home district. Ben is calm and centered. He is going to do very well in the State Legislature because he keeps his cool, is never confrontative or demanding. He will not only be one of the smartest people in the State Capitol, he will also be one of the most independent. He has taken no money from Political Action Committees nor the lobby, nor has he taken any in-kind donations from them. He will be free to act on his own conscience. He is going to win the race because he has worked incredibly hard, finding 400 individuals to contribute to his campaign, spending hundreds of hours on the doorstep, attending dozens of neighborhood house parties for the campaign, and organizing a real grass roots effort involving a great deal of personal voter contact -- on the doorstep and on the phone. This true progressive will be a leader in this State. I have been watching closely for the past 37 years since I came back to Oregon to run Neil Goldschmidt's first campaign for City Commissioner in 1969, and I haven't seen any with more potential than Ben. Gubernatorial Timber is not too strong a a phrase to use about Ben, and he is just running for the first time. Those who have worked with him at the City Club or on the Education Policy Council at the Bus Project will echo my comments. It is time for Generation Ex to start making a difference in Oregon, and I have no doubt Ben Cannon will do so, joining Deborah Kafoury, Erik Sten, David Bragdon and Jefferson Smith at the forefront of his generation in this state. Just watch.

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    Mary has my support. She is the most experience working for progressive causes in the legislature and while Kaza thinks that's a liability I think it's a plus. I'm proud to call Mary my friend. She has been work hard for working families for over 20 years in the legislature. Mary has actually passed budgets and helped move progressive legislation. OHSU was almost cut out of the budget last year. If it wasn't for Mary and "Union Hacks" they would have been dropped and tuition increases would have been used to compensate.

    I like most of the other candidates. Ben, I consider a friend. I wish he lived in a swing district. I just think to be a valuable member of the legislature you need to have an understanding of the complex budgets and the process. It takes years for even genius to figure it out and be effective.

    Mary is will be effective and open. We need more that someone railing on a lack of school funding and someone who would rob human services and public safety for education. We need some who can hit the ground not just running but sprinting and someone who knows where to find the money that can fund the services we can so much about.

    Joe Baessler

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    I am supporting Ben Cannon in this race.

    Here are the reasons I am supporting him:

    First, I have been active in politics for some time, and I have come across very, very few that are as smart and articulate as Ben.

    Second, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for candidates who will work hard and who will go out to meet voters and try to earn their votes. Ben has been knocking on doors for several months now, including that bleak stretch of rainy days in January of this year. I think his desire for personal contact with voters is reflected in the kind of campaign he is running for this seat.

    Lastly, I just turned 35. Of all the people I know in my generation (or younger) that are active in politics or interested in public policy, I know only a couple who have actually taken the plunge when it comes to running for office. Each generation has its own challenges and I think my generation is going to have plenty, especially fiscal and environmental ones. I am glad to see Ben taking on the challenge of running for office.

    In the interests of disclosure, I feel compelled to add that I am volunteering some of my time to help him with his campaign. I would encourage others to consider doing the same. You can learn more about Ben at www.votebencannon.com.

  • james mattiace (unverified)

    I add my voice to the Ben Cannon chorus. I just wished I lived in his district so I can vote for him. Ben has gravitas, he is serious, smart, and likeable. His MO of collecting nickels and dimes at the doorstep is a genuine nod to grassroots politics. As a teacher I support one of my own, as a Gen Xer I support one of my own, and as a progressive I support one of my own. But even if I was a Malheur County retired rancher I would support Ben because he is the real deal. Not to take away from the other candidates who are also real and deal, but Ben can invigorate a whole slew of Gen Xers to pick up the banner.

    James Mattiace

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    I had the opportunity to sit on the Willamette Week's review of the candidates for its annual endorsements issue. While I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment on that (I don't think Mark Zusman invited me so I could scoop him), I would like to comment about how extraordinary this race is. Five candidates are running, and four strong candidates are going to lose in May.

    When each of those candidates decided to jump in, they knew this was no gimme. It is impressive to me that even knowing the odds, all five still decided to jump in. Would that we had this kind of choice in every district. If the Democratic Party can get to the place where it encourages people of this caliber to run, we'll be in great shape!

  • the rest of oregon (unverified)

    Great discussion. I hope that we will soon be able to discuss the 2nd CD candidates in this manner on this forum!

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    Dear "rest of of oregon" -- you're damn right you will. These primary race rundowns are going well.... we're going to keep doing 'em.

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    Can anyone explain why Botkin has taken...

    $500.00 from Novartis (pharmaceutical corp.) $250.00 from Eli Lily (pharmaceutical corp.) $500.00 from Pfizer (pharmaceutical corp.) $1,000.00 from Waste Management, Inc.

    link to filing report

    She has a strong track record as a progressive union leader so I don’t understand why she has accepted money from big corporations. I know she wants to win but it doesn’t look very good to the voters of District 46.

  • Anne (unverified)

    My, it's almost like people were sent an email with Ben Cannon talking points and instructions on how to post on BlueOregon. Love Fest!

    I get the feeling that as a young(ish) person with residual connections to the Bus and an irrational hope for Oregon's future that I'm supposed to vote for Ben Cannon. But I have this nagging feeling that Mary Botkin would be a better representative, and it's not just 'cause I love Joe Baessler.

    Mary and I have had our differences, but I honestly believe that she would be effective in the Legislature. Ben's an unknown, and strikes me as squishy. I've talked to Ben more than a few times and I know he's smart and articulate and likeable and is knocking on doors, but I think that could be said of all the candidates in this race. Smart and articulate alone does not equal efficacy (see also: Colin Powell). I think, and hope, that Ben will continue to do good things in the world. But. Mary has proven connections, proven effectiveness, and has never, ever, been squishy. In fact, she's a bit of a powerhouse, and I think we need more of that in the Legislature.

  • Karri (unverified)

    I am a newly registered voter. Just moved back after college - I have met all the candidates in dist 46 while home. I am impressed with all of them generally.

    I have researched all the web sites - backgrounds and read the c&e reports and talked to family, friends and colleagues. Here are my thoughts for whatever they are worth.

    Ben - smart, well read, young and inexperienced. Wants to repeal voter passed mandates (BM 11) to save money. Though forgot tomention that it will take a vote of the people - who have refused to do so twice. Uhm -not off to a goo start. Has no plan to fund education other than to require that the legislature do so - uhm? not a good long term stratagy since they barely talk to each other now and can't seem to get anything done anyway. Interesting that he just moved back into our area just in time to run for office...from???? Good guy - needs a little more real life experience and needs to get to know the area a little better.

    Cindy - pretty smart - car buff - big fuel-user cars - calls them collector cars - but still V8 gas hogs - no clue where to from here - only democrat to lose the seat to a resturant guy (is my research right) - republican from what I read - bad karma for us regaining control.

    Nurse Mary Lou - health care and eat your vegies - not much of a plan in my book - nice enough - but I hate spinich and don't want someone calling that a plan for Oregon's future. Need more.

    Mary - smart - experienced and has a handle on lots of issues. Strong and outspoken - the only one who actually said - I am going to repeal the corporate kicker and your kicker too so you won't get money back at Christmas. Uhm - interesting platform, elect me and I'll take some of your money right away. I kind of liked that honesty. Union rep - never met one before. Thought they were all big guys with scary attitudes - liked that she was different. I asked about drug $$ - she just laughed and said she wasn't wealthy enough to spend her own money and didn't come from a wealthy family who could send her money. Then she went on to explain that she has MS and the drug companies have gotten lots of money from her over the years for her meds and she thought it was fair they should give some back before she started cutting their profits. I liked that reasoning.

    Lynn - real nice - a little slow and the conversation made weird little turns that I had trouble following. Real nice lady though.

    Don't know who I will vote for yet - wish everyone had this problem - I will keep looking - reading and will decide soon.


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    She sure did take their money and I was there when she did it. She didn't make any promises if fact I cringes when she started the conversation telling them exactly what she wouldn't help them with. Plus these are not her largest donors. The Oregon Health Care Ass. and the Firefighters each gave more. I know you are all excited that Ben isn't taking any pac money but let's face it that's because we wasn't going to get any. (Except maybe form Stand all the other education groups endorsed Mary.) He's not going to be as effective as Mary he's not going to pass more than a hand full of bill his frist session, if that. Which isn't dig very few people can pass a number of bills their first sesison. Mary happens to be one of them. The only the think that these donations mean is that she isn't just talking about K-12 education but a wide range of issues.

    I won't good takng shots at any of the other candidates C&Es but look closely at them before you take pot shots.

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    Man my last post had a lot of typos. It's the dyslexia.

    I thought I should add Mary has MS. To think she going to side with drug companies against people who need help paying for prescription drugs she herself uses to maintain her exceptional health is insane.

    Joe Baessler

  • Nate (unverified)

    Joe, I enjoyed meeting you last night for the first time, your reputation precedes you.

    I wanted to add my $.02 about Ben's no-PAC, no corporate money pledge, which is that it's kind of a pain. Not only have we turned down thousands of donations, mostly in-kind, from organizations that support us and that we think do great work, but I regularly have to chase them down and ask them to invoice us for things they did on our behalf. Some of this is a bit unprecedented so we sometimes have to reinvent the wheel on invoicing, "err, why again don't you have a PO number?"

    Ben is doing this because if elected he'll be able to be honest and principled, without worrying that if he doesn't satisfy this or that interest he won't get any money next time around. As a legislator, he'll maintain this pledge and help turn the tide towards voter interest politics rather than special interest politics. People we talk to strongly support this kind of direct accountability, which is good because interested, involved citizens must be ready and willing to take the place of the special interests in determining the government's agenda.

    The knowledge that this is the way campaigns should be run makes me little less likely to cry again on the day before C&Es are due.

    Nate Barkus Campaign Manager, Friends of Ben Cannon

  • annamary (unverified)

    As a long time resident of SE Portland, I am watching the race in 46 with great interest. Although I consider myself a progressive Democrat I'm also a business owner. I have rec'd mailings and/or visits from all the candidates. Cindy Banzer was the State Rep years ago and didn't leave much of a legacy, she was replaced by Gene Sayler, a Republican in a fairly Democratic district. Mary Botkin or her people have been to my door three times since last fall. She is an impressive candidate with a broad knowledge base. Her contributions from labor and business seem pretty even. Obviously she has the respect of many people doing business with the Legislature. She certainly didn't back down from the tough questions my husband and I asked her. She was quite frank about her plans to repeal the kicker tax! I also had a conversation with Ben Cannon. He's is a bright young man and I think he has a great future. I am concerned about his length of residency in the district. He hasn't lived in District 46 very long. Mary Lou Hennrich seems very well intentioned, but a little single minded. Affordable health care is very important, but I want a legislator with more than one goal. I haven't met Lynn Partin, again seemingly well intentioned, but a little vague. Well, those are my thoughts. This is a great forum, learned about it from my kids!!

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    Joe and Anne have the goods here in at least one respect:

    Mary will hit the ground running. As a long time lobbyist/activist, she knows how the entire game works, who the players are, and probably what kind of socks they wear.

    This applies equally to the electeds and the activist community. She is smart, blunt, honest, and very experienced, and has demonstrated her ability to work both inside and outside.


    Like many on this thread, I'd like to see the cream of the Gen X crop rise, but we'd do well to consider people already in place who have the resumes and the stones to Git Er Dun.

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    Nate, I was pleased to meet YOU last night. You too, Joe.

    I am a House-46 resident. In this post, I feel that you have identified the issue that will be at the heart of my voting decision. I like what I've seen of Ben, but share some of the concerns cited above, about his ability to follow through on his good intentions. So I intend to savor the flavor of what feels like a healthy democratic process right up to mid-May.

    Ben talks a good game, as far as aiming to keep special interests out of his way. That is extremely important, and I applaud his very visible and credible dedication to that goal.

    However, what little I know of human nature tells me that it is not well-suited to effectively resisting "special interests"—which have a pretty insidious way of cropping up in unexpected forms and places.

    I firmly believe that Democracy in our state and country is in danger, and it is very tempting to believe Ben is someone who can charge in and do some good work to save it. A candidate who can effectively promote the "grass-rootsiness" of our Democracy would be extremely desirable.

    However, having a good "gut feeling" about the guy is only half of what I need to cast a vote on that basis with any confidence.

    I want to see specifics about how Ben will maintain effective lines of communication with his constituency, an issue Ben appears to be making central to his candidacy. Attending to the "squeakiest wheel" is little better than attending to corporate interests...and yet, it's often the easiest way to deal with a cacophany of voices (like we're lucky to have in House-46.) How will that temptation be resisted?

    You say: interested, involved citizens must be ready and willing to take the place of the special interests in determining the government's agenda.

    How will Ben ensure that happens, and happens in a fair and effective and ongoing way? Knocking on lots of doors is an excellent start, but it's only a start. His web site has little to say on this topic. I'd be interested to read more.


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    Anne wrote, My, it's almost like people were sent an email with Ben Cannon talking points and instructions on how to post on BlueOregon. Love Fest!

    Just FYI -- all five candidates were notified in advance and asked to do exactly that.

  • Mary Botkin (unverified)


    I am sorry - I don't remember getting a notice about the "blogging" or the talking points and just now caught up with the site. You notice I said don't remember - did not say did not get, he he he

  • Karri (unverified)

    My my this has been very intersting. I have not seen much from truly undecideds in this race.

    What I really want to know is who has a plan for new or additional revenue?

    Mary Botkin seems to have a plan to work with some D's and R's to collecte over $210 m state-wide in deliquent property taxes that is most interesting. Don't know if it can be done but it is the closest thing I've seen to a real plan. all the other canidates either have no plan at all or one that requires a vote of the citizens because they require a constituional change.

    I have done more research and am troubled by a couple of things. What has Cindy been doing for 22 years? No public service just touring around in old cars??? What is up with that?

    Ben - why did he just move into the district with 10 days to spare? How come he teaches at a private (very expensive) school and not for public education - if he wants to give back? Kids in inner city schools could benefit if he is serious.

    What is up with the discussion in the district about repealing voter mandates? Mandatory minimum sentencing was passed out of voter frustration with a system that did not hold offenders accountable (I read that in the big O). Now some candidates want to repeal it in the legislature - hello....it is a constitutional issue and requires another vote - which has already been rejected. Is assisted suicide next to go because we just did not like it and it might cost too much?

    I want candidates that have more than a bumper sticker solutions to the complex problems we are facing. I want a plan for more than vege's, just make them do it and old cars. I want someone who has the courage to take it on the jaw for me when my neighborhood is in trouble. I want good schools, good health care (sans spinich), safe streets and a good job. Anyone out there share my "wants" or is everyone happy with the platitudes and bumper sicker slogans I've seen.

    I don't care nearly as much about whether the money comes from rich out of state friends and relatives, unions and some businesses, or from a personal loan. I care about experience, courage and commitment. I want a fighter and a doer.

    I am new - I am young - I didn't get my degree at Oxford - but I still think I am smart enough to recognize empty words when I see them. Give me a plan.


  • Ross Williams (unverified)

    Mary Botkin has a huge advantage over people who have not spent twenty years around lobbyists who twist arms and make arguments that sound plausible in the limited time a legislator has to really consider issues. She knows the issues and has heard most of the arguments. Her position in the kicker is a good example, its the same position she has argued for the last 15 years. Mary Botkin always seems to be on the right side and willing to speak up regardless of the political winds. Knowledgeable, well-intentioned ... and experienced.

  • activist kaza (unverified)

    OK, first off...let me apologize to Mary and her supporters for the "hack" remark. It was one of those you wish you could take back, the second you hit the "post" button (like "recalling" an e-mail - does that ever work?). I am not trying to go negative here, and I have nothing against unions advocating their positions in Salem and agree with them probably at least 80-90% of the time. However, I do wonder (and worry) about the partisanship in Salem and just as I questioned the appointment of Brad Witt (another high-level union official) as a State Rep in 2005, I am concerned that it might be tough for someone like Mary to be as effective in Salem where certain Rs might dismiss her simply as a union emissary. Having said that, I have no doubt she'd be a good rep for HD46; just maybe not the best of the five (I have concerns about those corporate contributions also).

    And again, being positive - I'd echo Ron Buel. Ben Cannon has one helluva future and wouldn't it be nice to put that combination of ambition, brains & energy to work on behalf of constituents in HD46? I think he could help harness the youthful "alternet" culture of that area into greater political action as well.

    Finally, a question for Mary. Maybe I missed something, but in reviewing your website, I can find absolutely no mention of your involvement with AFSCME. Why?

    P.S. AF, I am always amused when someone accuses me of being a Republican. Funny thing is that supporters of my opponent in 2004 liked to dredge up my past registration as a Pacific Green. Truth is, I'm an independent who registers Dem to have a voice year-round, but I distrust large organizations (be it church, corporation, union or party) inherently. Didn't mean to offend you as a union member. I'm definitely pro-worker...just not 100% union (or 100% anything). Sorry if that's a bad thing to you!

  • Logan (unverified)

    I'm supporting Mary Botkin in this race. I agree with other people who have said that we've got a pack of folks who would be good legislators. The question I have is: who will be effective this upcoming session? That question eliminates Ben Cannon immediately. Botkin emerges as the strongest answer to the question, mainly because she has been around the legislature for years. It helps that Botkin supports the same sorts of working-class and workers-rights issues that I feel strongly about.

    Nothing against Ben Cannon, but being young and smart does not an effective legislator make. The legislature is shark-infested waters and we need to send somebody down there who knows their way around already.

  • Edward Sage (unverified)

    All this talk about age-related qualities is a dead end. Young or old there are limits to what politicians can accomplish given the number of compromises they must make and the number of agendas involved.

    I am not buying the idea that Hennrich is so much wiser for having done "important things" with her time on this planet. I'm glad she has chosen to lead a life of service. She can claim "expert status" on health care. That doesn't mean she's going to be great in Salem on any number of other issues.

    The fact that Ben Cannon is young is not the reason I am voting for him. I am voting for him based on the positive energy he brings and the diligence with which he articulates his vision. Yes, he's young. Check the average age of our legislature, if being older were the defining factor for success I suppose we wouldn't be hearing about all the stagnation. Bear with him, Ben will get older. Maybe even as old as Hennrich.

  • Ebony (unverified)

    I don’t think age is necessarily a decider in one’s ability or lack thereof – to perform well as a Representative…that being said and while not disparaging the accomplishments of Ben Cannon, I wonder if he has really had the opportunity to amass the professional or personal experience to truly be effectual in Oregon's House of Representatives. Additionally, I agree Portland’s public schools need serious rehabilitation but, for me, it would be a lot easier to buy Cannon’s dedication to that issue if he actually worked in Portland’s PUBLIC school system.

    I have had the benefit of knowing Mary Lou Hennrich for close to seven years and I must say her "plan" for Oregon far supersedes telling people to "eat their veggies".... The House really needs someone like Mary Lou, someone who has not lost sight of what she stands for in a storm of “campaign buzz words”. She has the ethics, intelligence, experience, dedication and ability to truly, in my opinion, make a difference in our State. It is true that she advocates for strengthening Oregon’s healthcare and education systems, but I do not consider that ‘single-minded’. Rome wasn’t built in a day and ‘promising’ to solve all (or nearly all) of Oregon’s problems if elected sounds a little like “No New Taxes” to me.

  • Ben Cannon (unverified)

    Although hackles are bound to rise in a competitive primary, I wanted to state emphatically how much I respect the other candidates in this race. No matter who wins, District 46 will get tremendous representation in Salem. After May 16 (and a little vacation!), I will join many of you to do the work that really matters: helping our friends in swing districts.

    A note on my residency:

    I grew up in SE Portland (SE 59th and Hawthorne) and West Linn. In 2003, I returned from college and rented an apartment at SE 34th and Morrison, just three blocks away from District 46 (and, incidentally, from Mary and Lynn, both of whom live on the boundary). In October 2005, I moved within the district in order to consider running for Rep. March's seat. I hope this clarifies where I've been!

  • Joe Smith (unverified)

    The causes I care most about will almost certainly, in the 2007 legislature, get the votes I hope for from whoever wins in District 46, and the District will be well represented whoever wins. I hope those votes will be cast by Ben Cannon, for at least five reasons: 1. He grew up in what is now District 46, and therefore knows it as perhaps only someone who's been 6 and 12 and 18, as well as an adult, can; 2. I've had the privilege to watch him both up close and at a distance in legislative-like venues (i.e. policy making and action- deciding committees -- and having both worked for, and served in the legislature, I know that's where the work is done. I've have been really impressed with his intelligence, willingness to hear other points of view, and ability to articulate his own views, all the while maintaining both his own integrity, and good relationships with those who disagree with him; in that regard, he has not only not encouraged, but actively discouraged, his supporters from negative comments about the other candidates, and indeed, making comments about them at all, which is the kind of conduct that bodes well for future bridge-building; he has also meticulously followed through on commitments he's made, which is one of the most highly prized traits for a legislator; 3. He has a truly superior intellect (his selection as a Rhodes Scholar was not a fluke!), and his decision to use both that intellect, and the connections open to Rhode Scholars to teach middle-schoolers back home demonstrates a dedication to making things better that is in sorely short supply. (In answer to the person who apparently thinks it's not o.k. to teach at a private school, one advantage -- or disadvantage, depending on your point of view -- of doing that is that public schools must of necessity require its teachers to have taken "education" classes, which probably aren't part of the curriculum at Oxford); 4. His decision not to seek contributions from PACs that lobby the legislature does encourage my confidence in his resolve to be guided by the facts, rather than the political clout, offered by advocates, but perhaps more impressive is his stated reason: he is not holding himself out as more righteous than someone else; he has simply told progressive groups that their interests will be well represented by whoever wins in 46, and has urged them to spend their resources in swing districts where serious policy differences between candidates exist, and where battles must be won if positive change is to occur; 5. But most especially, because the 2007 legislature, even if we're successful in creating a more progressive majority in the House, will not suddenly return Oregon to a positive course; the downward spiral we've been in since the far right took control in Salem developed over more than a dozen years, (and it was preceded by what Reagan and company began a dozen years before that). No freshman legislator, regardless of age or experience is going to miraculously turn things around; direction change will come slowly and over several sessions. I see Ben by both age and temperament uniquely qualified to be part of that, and to help make it happen. And, for what its worth, I have not read any "suggested talking points" memoranda; my omments are my own.

  • Michael Sorensen (unverified)

    My money is on Mary Lou Hennrich. I disagree that any of the candidates for HD 46 would represent well; the choice to me is clear, Mary Lou has the experience, education, passion and commitment necessary to make the difference needed for Oregon. To not elect Mary Lou would be a loss for HD 46 and for Oregon.

    As a CEO, she lead staff in consensus building on large and small scale decisions. She was always inclusive and sought ways to bring the community in to the active management of the business.

    As a community health nurse, she literally saved babies by teaching parents how to better care for their infants. As a health department leader, she made health care possible for teens in school based health clinics...who can say how many teen pregnancies have been prevented because of Mary Lou's commitment.

    Mary Lou understands business, she understands poverty, she understands decision-making and she has applied these understandings in real life for real people. The smart money is on Mary Lou!

  • Nancy (unverified)

    Mary Lou Hennrich is by far the best candidate for HD 46. Her energy, good judgement, committment to both process and outcome are unsurpassed. I've seen her in action working for complicated issues of funding/ kids/health and wellness and she is awesome.I know that people are saying that the young guy is more progressive, but it smacks of sexism and ageism to me. Being young and good looking and articulate are not reasons by themselves to vote for someone...He talks about committment to school funding, but he's a private school teacher for pete's sake! hasn't had kids in schools, doesn't work for them.. has he ever even been inside a public school? Meanwhile Mary Lou has 30 years experience managing people, working with budgets, creating consensus, implementing things like school based health centers... Hello? does anyone remember the struggle to get school based health centers?ML was at the forefront!!... what more could you ask for in a candidate? Do the right thing... vote HENNRICH for HD 46- and tell all your friends.

  • (Show?)

    Just because you don't work at a public school or have kids doesn't mean you can't be committed to public education and its funding.

    Because of the funding problems in PPS, it hasn't exactly been easy for recent college grads to get a position within the district.

    I am very committed to public education and its funding. I have since I was in school myself. I've worked hard on education issues for years. However, I'm not a teacher and for most of that time I had no children.

    You don't have to work in or have family members in a system to be committed to solving its problems.

    I should note that I have not committed my personal support to anyone in this race. I'm much more focused on races here in eastern Multnomah County, the exceptions being when those I know personally have decided to run for office.

  • Alissa (unverified)

    I was disturbed by Edward Sage's last sentence, as I have by other comments from people (inside and outside of this blog) who say they are voting for Ben because he has "energy," as if the other candidates don't.

    Ben has indeed run a great campaign and has tremendous promise; I look forward to working with him in the future as he gains firsthand experience in leading organizations and advocacy movements. But three years as a private school teacher, accompanied by participation in two committees on education and early childhood issues, are no match for the lifetime of public service and experience of several of the candidates.

    While all of the candidates have strikingly similar stands on all major issues (pro choice, gay rights, environmental protection, tax reform, repeal of the kickers, support of preK-16 education, etc.), I support Mary Lou because of her experience as a leader in BOTH the public and private nonprofit sectors, her decades of commitment to social change, her proven record of improving the health and welfare of those in greatest need, her ability to build coalitions of people with diverse views, AND her unbelievable energy! At last count, she had knocked on approximately 4,000 doors for the campaign... People who know her well call her the "energizer bunny" for her energy, passion and commitment for so many issues over so many years.

    Mary Lou first demonstrated her ability to take the heat and move an agenda forward when she started the first school-based health clinic at Roosevelt HS in 1985. Despite fierce opposition from some parents (including sit-ins) and the Catholic Church on one side, and demands for abortion counselling on the other side, she was able to bring the community together to put the kids' health needs first. She later started the health clinic at Jefferson HS; now we take for granted the many health clinics all around the state. She has played a significant role in building and promoting primary health care programs, AIDS prevention, health care access for the poor, and health care policy.

    While Deputy Director of the Mult County Dept of Health, Mary Lou was responsible for formulating and managing its budget. This first-hand understanding of how county/govt budgets work will be invaluable in the Legislature, where she will be approving budgets for agencies such as DHS.

    As a legislative and policy anaylist, Mary Lou understands the systemic issues around poverty, living wages, and access to resources. She was instrumental in setting up the system of county commissions on children to deal systematically with children's needs throughout Oregon.

    As a former CEO of a company with 150 employees and now Executive Director of a nonprofit, Mary Lou understands first-hand how to articulate a common vision, inspire staff to implement that vision, and raise the funds needed to get the job done.

    Contrary to an earlier entry in this blog, Mary Lou has some very specific proposals: taxing tobacco to cover health insurance for all uninsured children, getting sodas and junk food out of all of Oregon's schools, etc. While she has specific ideas on tax reform, she emphasizes her commitment and ability to work with other legislators of all persuasions to solve the complex question of overhauling our abysmal tax system. (Anyone with an easy answer to tax reform has failed to understand the challenges of working with legislators across the state!) On environmental issues, I trust her "public health" values in advocating what's right for the community (as opposed to just individuals or corporations)--and in seeking the advice and collaboration of environmental groups.

    I have only known Mary Lou since last summer when she joined a group of Mt Tabor residents seeking to acquire the "Wake Up Deli" site near Atkinson School for community use. However everyone I know who has worked with her over the years has the highest regards for her... All of these reasons have convinced me to support Mary Lou among a highly qualified field of candidates!

  • Pete (unverified)

    I want to add a little to this blog - though I rarely do so.

    I have known Mary Botkin for over 20 years though we have lost touch in the past 5 or so.

    Mary grew up in the area as did her family of 3 generations. She knows the district and it knows her - and her work.

    I met her during the 70's when we were all young radicals working on the first public power campaign, against big oil, plant closures. womens rights and gay rights. Her energy had no end then and it has no end now, though I only watch from a distance these days.

    I remember when she was trying to get a job as a Union rep back when only "men" did that work. she finallly got a job with the most progressive unions in America, AFSCME. That was many many years ago and she still works there. A union hack? Yup that is what she is - but that means she knows how to settle differences and find solutions between angry and waring parties. She know how to balance the arguments and get differing sides together to an agreement. Give me more of those types at the legislature.

    I agree that everyone in this race brings value to the race. 3 have lived here for decades, one for years and one just moved in. So what! We should vote based on our core beliefs, our values and not based on a residence requirment or who has the biggest or best house or where it is located in the district.

    I'll be voting for Botkin because she worked on civil rights, womens rights, workers compensation, pay equity, and worked with Jim Hill, Ron Herndon and Margaret Carter to get the Martin Luther King Holday bill passed. Because she worked for Gay Rights and Farm Wokers Rights before it was the politically correct thing to do.

    It is one thing to talk about what you will do in the future - it is another to actually have done it. Botkin has done it and done it without regret or secnd thoughts.

    Ben will be a great rep some day - when he brings experience and longevity to the table as well as an education then I may vote for him. I just want to wait a little longer to see what his real commitment is. Pass a bill - make a law - work a session - that is all he needs to do. He is 29 years old and a little more real life experience is needed. I want someone who had to pay bills and taxes longer than that.

    Botkin and I have lost touch over the last few years - I own a business and don't do politics much anymore but she has never quit. Her tenacity and intelligence is what I admire most - I gave up she never did.

    I will vote for the person who has the same core values, principals and commitment I have for the neighborhood we all live in. Please join me in supporting Mary Botkin - after all for over 20 years she has supported us.


  • Billi Odegaard (unverified)

    Mary Lou Hennrich is an extraordinary candidate for District 46! I had the privilege of working with her at Multnomah County Health Department for 30 years, and can vouch for her integrity, endless energy, competence, and intelligence! She is deeply passionate about using the legislative process to improve conditions and the environment for children and families in Oregon. Mary Lou is a natural leader, and is skilled in developing coalitions to debate and address key issues. As a Representitive, she will emerage as a spokesperson, adept negotiator, and advocate for taking action to improve our daily lives!

  • Brie (unverified)

    When I look at candidates the number one issue I focus on is the environment, with my next priorities being education and workers rights. I am an environmentalist, work for a college, and am a union representative and activist. I support Mary Lou Hennrich for HD46. I met Mary Lou at CareOregon, Inc. where she was CEO and I was an employee. Not only did she pay a living wage to all employees (I never heard a single complaint about pay or benefits - how rare is that in the workplace!?), but she was also inclusive with all the staff. Each employee had a voice and was encouraged to speak up.

    As a generation Xer, I firmly believe Mary Lou's passion, education, dedication, and intelligence will guide HD46 to where the people of HD46 want it to be. She is a true representative of the people.

  • Kate Sage (unverified)

    I'm not sure I quite understand the "been around the Oregon legislature for years" argument. Didn't Botkin and everyone else in the legislature start with less experience than they have now? Didn't they learn along the way in the shark infested waters? And besides, if we're so afraid of the sharks that have taken over the legislature (experienced, I'm sure) than what's to say that new ideas aren't the way to get rid of the sharks altogether rather than navigating through them?

  • stevie (unverified)

    Sharks are everywhere in politics and I am sure that all 5 candates will be able to get ample amounts of repelant when needed.

    I just want to be sure who ever we elect can recognize a shark from a a fish with big teeth. That takes more experience and tenacity than most have, Botkin gets my vote!


  • Jean (unverified)

    What a wonderful thing to have good candidates to choose from. Let us hope that they all are presented with opportunities fitting their abilities and energy - we have much need for good leaders.

    What sort of person do you want to elect? Smart? Resourceful? Dedicated? Savvy? Experienced? Thoughtful? Energetic?

    I've watched Mary Lou Hennrich exhibit all of these characteristics many times over. She thinks strategically. As a public health nurse she is able to consider an entire population (in the future, by listening to her constituents) determine what is most important, then pick her battles and hang in there until they are won.

  • Fred (unverified)

    Can someone out there tell me about the $4 m billing error at care oregon under Mary Lou's watch? I heard she was asked to leave and then blamed her staff for the mistake?

    Is that true? If so I want someone who takes responsibility for their own error and does not blame someone else.

    Just curious.


  • Fred (unverified)

    Can someone out there tell me about the $4 m billing error at care oregon under Mary Lou's watch? I heard she was asked to leave and then blamed her staff for the mistake?

    Is that true? If so I want someone who takes responsibility for their own error and does not blame someone else.

    Just curious.


  • Mary (unverified)

    I want to tell everyone who has posted on this blog how impressed I am with the overall tone of the discussion. Even the sort of negative ones were not really aimed at anyone person and I think that is great.

    Win or lose this is a great race. Everyone has worked hard - volunteers have been outstanding. I have told literally thousands of voters on the door step that all the candidates are in this race for the right reasons and that they all bring value and commitment to the district. What a great district this is - the voters are smart and thoughtful.

    Of course I want to win - everyone does - but the good news is...regardless of who wins in this contest - the voters will be well served.

    To all the other candidates I want to say - thank you for a clean campaign and focus on the issues and the voters who need a strong voice in Salem.

    Let me just say that I work for AFSCME. I represent over 20,000 public employees that are the best and most honorable people I have ever had the privilege to know. The omission on my web sight was an oversight - nothing more nothing less. I am proud to be associated with the labor movement and working families - these are the people who make it possible for the rest of us to have reasonable disagreements and open discussions. On long days it is these members who give me strength to do the work I do - I will continue to honor these workers regardless of what happens on Election Day.

    Cindy, Lynn, Mary Lou and Ben to you I say good luck with whatever you do. If you win I'll be there for you and I hope you will do the same.


  • (Show?)

    Fred -- could you please post additional info? Drive-by allegations aren't welcome. Substantive charges backed by data and sources are more likely to be taken seriously.

  • fred (unverified)

    I heard it from an aqaintence who was in the WW interviews. Can't tell you more than that - other than it was something they asked about.

  • john (unverified)

    We need new faces and new voices in the legislature. Everyone seems to agree that Botkin and Cannon both have the passion to succeed.

    But for me, at this time in Oregon's history, I believe it's time for an infusion of new blood into our leadership. I think Ben Cannon brings that to the table. He's incredibly smart and dedicated, and will rapidly learn the ropes. I have no doubt of that. And while I value Botkin's years of experience, I want someone with a bit more indpendence.

    Keep Mary at AFSCME. Send Ben Cannon to Salem.

  • A former CareOregon employee (unverified)

    Because I was employed with CareOregon at the time of the 'billing issue' referenced in a post above, I can honestly say the reason Mary Lou Hennrich was "asked to leave" is not as simple as it appears. The primary reason was, she would not blame her staff. To say Mary Lou does not take responsibility is, in a word, laughable. In addition, had she blamed her staff, I doubt so many employees (including myself) would have left the company so shortly after Mary Lou did. She took the high road - which cannot necessarily be said about the Board Members who forced her out - and I have never seen anyone handle such a difficult situation with such grace. This experience makes Mary Lou an even better choice for HD46, she has been through the proverbial fire and continues to be a picture of a positive, energetic, innovative woman with conviction in her beliefs - a true leader.

  • John English (unverified)

    Let's not lose sight of the fact that this is a solid Dem seat, and if we don't win the majority, whoever wins this one won't have much clout. Steve March is a great guy who ahd potential, but he was stuck in the minority. Let's give $ to Clem in Salem, Cowan in Lincoln City, Gilbertson in north Central OR, and two I forget in Hillsborro and North Eugene.

    I think most of these candidates are good. Mary Botkin strikes me as one who would be agressive, connected and experienced, although she can be abrasive (as well as charming) at times, and I wonder how many of her colleagues she would piss off?? Maybe that's ok, though.

  • concerned citizen (unverified)

    Mary Lou has shown the determination, dedication, charisma, and passion that is needed for HD46. She has proven her ability to fight and succeed on issues (for the past 35 years) and has shown Oregon she is honest, trustworthy, and prepared.

    I was disappointed in Ben Cannon’s campaign this past weekend when I noticed his volunteers running from doorstep to doorstep hanging flyers (not knocking on doors and talking to people). This showed me a disconnect between his campaign and the people, and a lack of economic responsibility. The latter due to hanging flyers on EVERY door, when not everyone is allowed to vote for a democrat in the primaries. This is very wasteful of raised campaign dollars, and makes me concerned about what he will do with public tax dollars if elected.

    Mary Lou is honest about literally knocking on doors and talking to constituents. She actually cares about what issues are on the minds of HD46 residents, and is prepared to represent them in Salem. Join me in voting for Mary Lou Hennrich on May 16!

  • (Show?)

    I know you are all excited that Ben isn't taking any pac money but let's face it that's because we wasn't going to get any. He's not going to be as effective as Mary he's not going to pass more than a hand full of bill his frist session, if that. Which isn't dig very few people can pass a number of bills their first sesison. Mary happens to be one of them.

    Of course I'm a little biased on this, but I think we should be electing more people to the legislature who are nearer to the start of their careers than the end of it. Even if one accepted your notion that Ben won't pass as much legislation in his first term, I'd argue that it's better to help launch the career of a man who has a legitimate shot at higher office down the road.

  • Fred (unverified)

    What a great group of candidates - I am so thrilled to live in this district. I will be up front about this - I am suppporting Mary Botkin becasue she is smart, experienced and focused. I want my rep to be focused on me and where I live.

    She got my vote when she showed up at my door with the head of Crime Victims Advocates. What a great guy he is and I will support a person who has the support of cops, firefighters, viticms of crime and teachers and construction workers. What a broad base of support she has - wow.

    I too was offended by the "joggers" who barely know their candidate and have little information on what his plans are for Oregon's future. I don't need joggers to tell me how to vote - I want some "real" people who live, work and in the district.

    Join me in voting for Mary - we need her.


  • Dog lover (unverified)

    Fred - I have a better one - Botkin came by our house to talk with us and we too are supporting her - she had dog treats - can you believe it --- dog treats!!! I agree she is smart and knows her stuff - but dog treats - what a great, well rounded candidate.


  • Karri (unverified)

    So the WW just came out with their endorsments. I am still voting for Mary Botkin - I think they got it wrong. Mary is the only one with real ideas on how to recapture money, hold government accountable and get things done in Salem.

    What was up with their thinking? Oh well, Hang in their Mary - the WW and the big O have a split decision but you still have all the orgazations behind you - go girl - you can do it.

  • Kate (unverified)

    I am new at this whole blogging thing and have no idea how exactly it works - but here goes.

    I have met all these candidates or their "People". I talked to one of Ben voluteers - she did not live in the district but had a lot of ideas about what was good for us. Said Ben wants to repeal the mandatory sentencing measure - I am the victim of a brutal attack in my home - I am absolutely opposed to the repeal and Ben has now lost any chance that he will get my vote. I will vote for the candidate who has the interests of victims on their agenda. Does anyone out there in blogging land know who that might be?

    I see that Mary Botkin has the support of our District Attorney so does that mean she will stand up for us faceless, voiceless victims? What about the others?

    Can someone help me decide who is the best? I would prefer not hearing from a bunch of advocates for one candidate or another - I'd like something from real voters and real people.


  • Ed (unverified)

    Well, it's certainly impossible to refute the desires of someone who has been so personally harmed. My understanding is that repealing the mandatory sentencing measure does not mean undoing all safeguards. It simply means there are unwanted flaws in the law as it stands. Isn't that right? Someone chime in who has more knowledge. What are the flaws in the measure?

  • Ken (unverified)

    I understand there were flaws that were changed. such as juveniles who are sentenced under the measure so that they got another chance. Also, it is my understanding that you have to hurt another person or have a long criminal history to get sentenced under these provisions. If so, then perhaps a repeal is not called for. Ben has explaied we could save a lot of money if these laws were repealed - I don;t actually know if that is true since the victims would be left out in the cold and something worse could and probably would pass as a result.

    I hope someone can give Kate a good answer so that maybe she will change her mind - but I have never been the victim of a crime so I am the last person to help. Sounds like she will vote for Botin regardless. that is OK too, maybe in time Ben will learn the lessons of being a victim - I hope not for his sake and the sake of his family and friends. The last thing we need are more victims - what we need is less crime. Perhaps Botkin will post something too.


  • (Show?)

    Repealing Measure 11 (mandatory sentencing) is a pipe dream. It's been tried and failed several times. It's a constitutional amendment, to be repealed it HAS to go to the voters either by referral from the legislature or through petition. It applies to less than 30% of the people in Oregon prisons.

    I always thought it was a bad law and thought it needed to be reexamined. However, last month I talked to a good progressive man who's niece was stabbed to death in front of her 2 year old son and he told me and I believed him that the murderer could be free in 7 years if it wasn't for measure 11 and now he is in for 20. I totally don't know if that was accurate but he was sure and his story was powerful and made me rethink my position and I'm a stubborn ass. I don’t think measure 11 is a good law now about I don’t think repealing it is possible. I think repealing measure 11 is titling a windmills because of the stories like the one I heard. All I could think about was my sister and her two year old daughter. One good honestly delivered commercial and any repeal is over. I think we need a candidate that will work on real issues and not pipe dreams. Vote Botkin, she kicks ass.

  • LT (unverified)

    What we need is more policy debate. Are Measure 11 (and the newly passed Jessica's Law) being implemented as intended? How are they being paid for? Do all crime victims agree with what the organized crime victims lobbying groups say and do?

    In order to be changed, a constitutional ammendment passed by the voters must again go to the voters. But a constitutional ammendment on the books doesn't preclude open discussion. It should be specific ("I want to change this to----because..."). And what about crime prevention? Can we discuss that?

    When one of my relatives was a child, her close friend's Dad was shot and killed--one of those on the job killings that sometimes make news. That young woman grew up, became a Teacher of the Year in another state, and just recently became the school minister for a Catholic school. She had the good fortune to have many strong adults in her life growing up.

    Regardless of the statements of some politicians, it should be possible to focus on victim assistance and crime prevention without being told that "tough on crime" people support a particular solution without question (or for that matter, a particular politician).

    Do not forget that the slogan "tough on crime, no new taxes" was a LOSING slogan for Gov. 4 years ago. And whatever one thinks of Kulongoski or Cox, if that slogan was as powerful as some suggest, it would have won. People who are truly "tough on crime" are those who make sure when someone is convicted of a crime there is money to keep the court system and the jail system running--not to mention funding police and state troopers to deter crime as well as arrest criminals.

    And perhaps what we need most next session is those who have a history of working with others to solve problems, not those who are confrontational or slogan oriented. Since I don't live in that district I have no opinion on candidates, but those who are solution-oriented, work well with others, and do a good job informing the public of what is going on seem to be the most successful legislators.

  • (Show?)

    What we need is more policy debate. Are Measure 11 (and the newly passed Jessica's Law) being implemented as intended?

    You're right, LT, but NOT on this post. This post is about the HD46 race, and folks should stay on topic.

  • rovingacademic (unverified)

    I have taken the opportunity afforded by two candidates, Mary Botkin and Ben Cannon, to listen to their views in an organized/forum manner and I could not be more shocked by the differences in these two candidates.

    The most definitive difference was their presentation of plans and goals. Mary not only discussed her ideals, but also the workable solutions, with the support of other elected officials in education and public safety.

    While Mary discussed her vision for our schools with Susan Castillo (Superintendent of Public Instruction) and Ginger Redlinger (a member of her staff) they discussed not only the means and methods of funding and auditing, but also the plans of the Public Instruction office to address the short comings of N.C.L.B. (No Child Left Behind) and the methods it is using to test our students. When asked for more detail Susan and Ginger took the time to explain the differences in testing methods, including a white board presentation, which frankly I find not only illuminating but comforting, knowing that Mary has taken the time to ask not only what the results will be, but how they will be reached, and how the new policies will effect our children’s futures and needs.

    After such a through and well organized presentation, Ben’s ‘hi-ho-neighbor’ approach left much to be desired. When asked how he planned to help our children and address shortcomings in the classroom his only solution was to find more money for the schools. While I won’t argue that more money would be helpful, I am concerned that this was the only solution offered. No suggestions of how to work with the budget that is available, no theories on how to keep Portland’s taxes for education in Portland. Just a constant, ‘raise the bar to 80%’, ‘we need more money’. Not once in the two encounters I’ve had with Mr. Cannon has he or anyone in his office discussed the impact of N.C.L.B. or what will be done with the money he says will fix the problem.

    In my second encounter with Mr. Cannon I was appalled at the lack of forward thinking that everyone claims makes this person such a great candidate. As I asked him directly what he would do to improve schools, why he felt that repealing measure 11 was so important, and what he would replace it with (which for the records is nothing, he has stated many times that he simply wants to work to repeal the minimum mandatory sentencing, with no regard to how this will effect the victims of violent crime in his district); I was struck by how few answers he actually had. His manner and answers reflected ‘simple solutions for complicated issues’. His meetings stressed repealing Measure 11, the Kicker, and throwing more money at education. While these are all very interesting ideas, there was no practical plan to accomplish any of these goals. If my memories and notes remind me correctly, which I am confident they have, then Mr. Cannon’s platform consists of visiting other districts to speak with the representatives and constituents there, and encourage them to visit HD46 and speak to constituents here. Am I the only person wondering if he’s in this race simply to launch himself further into the political sphere in Oregon?

    Mary has impressed me with her legislative experience, comprehensive solutions to serious concerns for Oregonians everywhere, her ability and willingness to discuss these issues with the elected representatives she will be working with to resolve these concerns, and her overall no nonsense and realistic approach to getting the job done.

    Thank you for running Mary, you have my full confidence and I look forward to your tenure in the legislature.

  • Becky (unverified)

    wow! Roving academic sure said a mouth full. Whoever that is said more about the two front runners in this race than most of us could. Ben, any comments? I would like to hear your response on these points.

    How do you intend to pay for your education first program? How do you intend to handle bad guys (and women for that matter)? Do you think ID theft is just an inconvenience or a real problem? Meth - what do you intend to do?

    In review here is what we have, in my opinion.

    Ben, energetic, young with no real experience. Lots of money from out of state wealthy friends, no wonder he does not need PAC money he has enough of his own to fund his campaign and then some. I don't have that ability. How many of you do? Must be nice to have that kind of backing, no one in Oregon to respond to. Including the district that elected him. Look at his C&E's.

    Mary Lou, eat your veggies and all will be well, including yourself, healthy oregon means better eating and no junk food.

    Lynn, well meaning and in debt (look at her C&E's too).

    Cindy, drive old cars, and elect me cause I did it once 20 some years ago. I really do want to make a difference this time, honest.

    Then we get to Mary Botkin. One person, early on says Union hack, then takes it back, others say she has experience and dedication to those of us who work real jobs and have to worry about how to pay the rent and fill up our gas tanks. I wish I had a Union, I wish Botkin was working for me on my job every day, how about the rest of you?

    I am with the last on this list, in the middle of the ballot right after Ben, and Cindy. I hope people read down the whole list and vote for Botkin too.


  • Don (unverified)

    Scare tactics. Isn't that a Republican routine? I am a life long Democrat and I have been an Oregonian most of my adult life so this is nothing new, but the Botkin people think we will fall for Botkin good, everyone else bad routine. Botkin has a long record of service, she's been in and around state politics for years, what's this sudden need to lash out against the entire group of opponents? No wonder we're fed up with the Democratic party.

    Rovingacademic, your bias is very unacademic. Take a look at the people and organizations backing Cannon, you are way off base. We're supposed to believe you over the Oregonian? Your dismissive critique of a single candidate without honestly evaluating the others is a smear.

    Even more obvious is the eat your veggies line about Hennrich that's REPEATED by "different" posters. You have no information or details, just a dumb line. This crap makes decent people and good candidates turn away from politics. If that's your goal, I feel sorry for you.

    Cindy, Ben, Mary Lou, and Lynn - just keep doing what you are doing and don't take the bait. Everyone else, do your own research.

  • (Show?)

    As one of Ben Cannon’s many campaign volunteers, I feel obliged speak up after reading some gross misrepresentations of a terrific candidate.

    rovingacademic said:

    His manner and answers reflected ‘simple solutions for complicated issues’. His meetings stressed repealing Measure 11, the Kicker, and throwing more money at education. While these are all very interesting ideas, there was no practical plan to accomplish any of these goals.

    Ben Cannon is a Rhodes Scholar, a classroom teacher, and certainly not simple. He knows just as well as anyone that the issues affecting our state are complex, however he also knows that there are some things (Measure 11 and the Kicker) that are clearly and plainly holding Oregon back. As for a practical plan, I encourage you to read the issues page on Ben’s website or to contact the campaign with specific questions. Furthermore, he has been endorsed by The Oregonian and their endorsement process is no cake walk. If the editorial board had any doubts that Ben isn’t intellectually apt for the job, there’s no way in hell that they would have picked him over four other decent candidates, saying “Cannon possesses a vigor and keen intellect that make him exactly what the Legislature needs.”

    Becky said:

    Ben, energetic, young with no real experience. Lots of money from out of state wealthy friends, no wonder he does not need PAC money he has enough of his own to fund his campaign and then some. I don't have that ability. How many of you do? Must be nice to have that kind of backing, no one in Oregon to respond to. Including the district that elected him. Look at his C&E's.

    If you look at Ben’s C&E’s you’ll see that a large portion of his donations are so small that they don’t qualify to be reported. In fact, a few months ago I was going door-to-door for Ben and someone I met was so impressed by Ben and his campaign that she gave me a 10 dollar check on the spot. With regard to the out-of-state wealthy friends, it is true that Ben has received money from his old college professors, friends from school, etc. However, it is silly to suggest that he would ever give these people political favors once he is elected. They gave their money to him because they know he’s a great person and they know he will be an effective and open state representative. I doubt that these are the same reasons why out-of-state corporations have donated to Botkin’s campaign.

  • Ken (unverified)

    I agree that the comments were getting a little negative. andrew, yours were no better than most.

    Everyone seems to be in agreement that generally there are 5 good condidates and the fact that we are personally supporting one or another does not mean we don't respect the others for doing this.

    You and Kate have been the first to suggest that any of these candidates would give political favors to their supporters over the interest of the district. In fact you took a direct swing at one campaign and one candidate and her supporters - knowing that it was a swing. I don't believe any of these people will be anything but honorable, Botkin and Cannon included. With all respect meant you need to take a breath.

    I like botkin, I think she is smart, motivated and experienced. I don't think ben or may lou are a bad guys at all - but I don't think they will be able to accomplish much having never passed a bill, never lobbied a session, and never worked a committee. that is my only point, experience and experience and experience - it matters.


  • ken (unverified)

    Well we got what we deserved in HD 46. A young - inexperienced carpet bagger who decided to move in right before the election. Lets hope he gets a real idea or two before the next legislative session. who is going to show him where the bathrooms are? Not me I'm done - I am out of here and out of this district - I want someone who can help not someone in training - I am moving to a district that gets it!

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