Ron Saxton: Not truthful

Over at Loaded Orygun, blogger Carla is throwing down on Ron Saxton. It seems that Saxton's first TV spot mis-states the facts. Of course, he helpfully provided a source that debunks his own ad.

From the ad:

SAXTON: Let's face facts. Oregon has one of the nation's most inefficient state governments, getting a D for managing your tax dollars.

VISUAL: Oregon gets a "D" (Source: Grading the States 2005)

Carla's response:

Oregon does in fact rate a "D" for the "money" portion of its state grade. But it has nothing to do with "managing your tax dollars" and everything to do with Oregon's abyssmal tax structure...

Saxton lies (right into the camera) and claims that it's all about managing the tax dollars. Not only does Grading the States beat up on our tax structure, it actually gives Oregon a reasonably good write up on how the money is being managed.

Watch the ad (WMV). Head on over to Loaded Orygun and dig into the details. Discuss over there.


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