Taxes <i>Are</i> a Woman's Issue

Chuck Sheketoff

Taxes Are a Woman's Issue
Reframing the Debate
by Mimi Abramovitz, Sandra Morgen, With the National Council for Research on Women

Co-author Sandra Morgen is the director of the University of Oregon's Center for the Study of Women and Society.

From the publisher:

Taxes determine the quality of our lives; they are responsible for the health of our environment, the safety of the roads we drive on, the condition of our public services, and the security of our homes and communities. For every woman who pays taxes and uses public services, and every man who cares about an effective and fair tax system, Taxes Are a Woman's Issue dares to expose not only how tax policies shape the size of our bank accounts but also sculpt our government and the nation's identity.

Whether you are rich, poor, a corporation or an individual, taxes provide the resources we need to sustain the nation's civil, social, and economic life, and help support the basic welfare of all individuals and families. They also mirror the fundamental inequities that people of different races, classes, and gender experience when they try to access the opportunities that taxes provide. So when probed by the lens of women's diverse experiences, tax policy narrates some of the ruthless realities of our economy and our society.

Authors Mimi Abramovitz and Sandra Morgen, writing for the National Council for Research on Women, convincingly dispel myths about the current welfare system and expose how the IRS-supported tax system was created in, and caters to, a time before women entered the work force. By honestly discussing the many ways the current tax system disadvantages women, Taxes Are a Woman's Issue courageously teaches, as Linda Basch, the President of the Council, states, "about positive changes that will improve the lives of all women and therefore their families, their communities, and the nation as a whole."

You can buy Taxes Are a Woman's Issue here from a unionized bookseller, Powell's.

  • grrlszgrrl (unverified)

    Thank you, Chuck for bringing this important topic to public attention.

    Keep up the good work at OCPP!

  • Levon (unverified)

    This just in......South Dakota's State Legislature just voted to ban this book in their state.

    One legislator argued that providing women with this information may "cause psychological harm to all South Dakota citizens with two X chromosomes. It's simply the right thing to do, and it is our job to protect the women of South Dakota."

    Kathy Chaste, of the South Dakota Women's Action Network commented on the legislation, "I'm glad the men of South Dakota are looking out for the best interests of women. They are doing God's work and should be congratulated for protecting us from ourselves."


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