50 Simple Things You Can Do to Fight the Right

Chuck Sheketoff

50simplethingsA year ago I encouraged BlueOregon readers to suggest ideas for a new book, published by EarthWorks Press in Ashland.

It has hit the streets and is filled with ideas - even some from Oregon.

You'll find out how simple it is to . . .

• Adopt a Candidate • Reclaim the Bible • Be a Media Watchdog. • Give the Right a "Wedgie" • Stand Up for Science • Take Back the Language. . . And dozens more!

Buy it from Powell's, a local, not-a-chain, unionized bookstore.

Buy it and read it and you will be able to check off a couple of the items on the book's to-do list!

Look for names you know in the five-page list of contributors and ideas that are already taking hold or were born here in Oregon.

Want to promote the book? Send this post to a friend, or send them this link: http://tinyurl.com/hujrd to the book at Powell's.

  • Sara (unverified)

    I've seen this book - it's great. It's like a reference book for the left. Plus, an entire chapter is devoted to the Oregon Bus Project. How cool is that?

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    Chuck why do you hate the Bus? I mean we are home grown Oregon and Chapter 50. But you didn't mention us.

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    I don't. I am promoting the book, not the names of all the Oregonians in there or the other worthy organizations mentioned throughout the book.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Bus mention in the book stemmed in part from my originally getting word about the book to BlueOregon folks at http://www.blueoregon.com/2005/03/50_simple_thing.html so people would know how to suggest items. Just as I wouldn't be surprised if the mention of LeftyBlogs came from hooking up the author with BlueOregon.com and Kari.

    My list of examples came from the book's webpage, www.50simplethings.com.

    Joe, take that chip off your shoulder.


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    Can't wait to read this, thanks!

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    I'm sorry I was just kidding.


  • JoeChuckJoe (unverified)

    Why does Chuck hate kidding?

    Why does Joe hate Chuck?

    Why does Hate chuck Joe?

    How much Joe would a hate-Chuck chuck if a joe-chuck chould chuck hate?

    <h2>Rodney King y'all. Love and love. All good.</h2>

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